19th to the 21st trip!

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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19th to the 21st trip!

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This trip was with my girlfriend so I couldn't smoke all the time, that being said I did get through a reasonable amount (well for me anyway!). I won't bore you all with the site seeing details so I'll stick to smoke reviews :D

Day one
Picked up some silver haze from here at around 8.75 a g, amazing lemon/lime Hazey smell, seems to burn clean and gives a lovely giggly high. I recommend picking some up if you are near.
my girlfriend wanted something a bit weaker as she isn't a heavy smoker so she picked up 2g of purple haze for €10. Probably the best purple I've seen in dam as usually it's crap! Good looking dark purple nugs with a fruity smell, seemed to have a pretty laid back pleasant high (I reckon it would make a decent hash mixer).

Called off at greenhouse but it was way too busy so we just got a pre rolled polm joint and had it outside. Poorly rolled, bad taste and an uncomfortable high. To be expected when buying pre rolled but i needed a quick smoke.

Went to abraxas for an evening smoke. Picked up 1g of mango for €14, I know this is a bit pricey but I suppose that's what you get with a touristy coffeshop. The mango is probably one of the nicest buds I have ever smoked, dense frosty buds, sweet haze smell but with strong hints of mango/ fruit coming through. Beautiful taste (I am sorry but I've never been good at describing tastes while smoking). This weed made me so happy, after a couple of joints I smiled like a mad man for three hours, my face was actually sore by the time I went to bed!
Got a pre rolled super polm joint from here for €3.50. Too much tobacco but it was loads better than greenhouse's offering.

Day two

I wanted some hash so we called in at kadinsky, I picked up:
2g of Nepal cream €20.50. Was really disappointed with this, it looks and smells exactly the same as some mazar afghani hash I have at home, pretty sure this isn't Nepalese (or it may have been mixed with something at least).
1g king hassan €13. I had some of this last year and lived it so had to try it again, it was a lot softer this time and had a stronger smell. Still the same warm stoney buzz though. My favourite hash I think.
A bit later in the day we called at paradox for a hot chocolate , I also bought :
0.4g manali jungli hash €5
Very hard charas, didn't have much smell but it tasted ok. Can't comment about the effects too much because I only had a small amount and I smoked it in a mixed joint.
0.8g purple €5
Nowhere near as good as the purple from Central. This tuff was over dried and harsh, had very little smell, again I can't comment on the effects too much as I smoked it with the jungli hash. Really didn't like this weed though so I needed up throwing it away .
A it later on we called at Barnes lounge for a drink before we headed out for something to eat, only got a tangerine dream pre roll but it was really nice ! Not the strongest but it had us both laughing!
While walking back we got a Buddha cheese pre roll from old church, was quite strong and tasted very nice. Think it was about €5/6 not too sure
Day three
Had to do a fair bit of of tourist stuff so I didn't smoke that much on this day so I just smoked the leftover bits .
Went ice skating at Leidseplein and decided I wanted a bit of hash to smoke while preparing to leave and for a bedtime smoke on the ferry, went into the bulldog palace (I usually avoid Bulldogs as I, not a fan of the atmosphere or the weed) the menu actually looked pretty good! I went for a bag of polm at €12 for 1.6g. It came in two lumps the first was very dry and broke down into a fine powder, the second was a bit fresher and actually looked/smelt quite good. Struggled to get stoned off this hash though, didn't seem to do much which was a disappointment.

Thanks to onehighmofo, fat_old_dwarf and Grendel for the tips, hopefully I will be able to get to solo and Katsu next time!

All in all it was a good trip, managed to see a lot of the city (this was my fourth trip, but I've always been too stoned to appreciate it), can't wait for next year now!


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Re: 19th to the 21st trip!

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Ps sorry for any spelling/ grammar mistakes!

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Re: 19th to the 21st trip!

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Hi! Really glad my babblings did someone some good :)
Nice write up thanks for sharing - although I'm pretty sure most of the ACD crowd would have enjoyed the sightseeing stuff just as much ;)

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Re: 19th to the 21st trip!

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Nice read :mrgreen: ..Glad you took the time to share :D

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