October 19 Eindhoven Tilburg and Amsterdam Report.

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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October 19 Eindhoven Tilburg and Amsterdam Report.

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Forgot to post my Solo trip report from October! Excellent trip exploring Eindhoven, Tilburg and Amsterdam. I also have another trip coming up in October (was meant to be tomorrow :’( but cancelled due to coronavirus). As usual, this is long and probably boring to most.

As usual - I have a slight obsession with hash - Also my preference is medium strength weed/hash, and smoking several joints with tobacco rather than one strong J. Furthermore the strain names are taken with a pinch of salt, all purchases are based on looks and smell before paying.


Strain - Unknown Weed 10 Euro / g -
Picked this up on my first day for a quick smoke, was reasonable, nothing to write home about and certainly not hash. Can’t remember the exact price on this one but there was something odd about their weights or prices.
Atmosphere - Second visit here, both times buy and fly. Good service buy kinda odd pricing.

Indian (New to me)
Strain - Morrocan Hash- 10 Euro / g -
Nice standard Morrocan Hash, reasonably firm as it was cold but great with warm of the hand.
Atmosphere - Popped in here after a walk around a more affluent area of Eindhoven. Stayed near here before so enjoyed exploring. Nice shop, good staff and good prices on snacks and drinks.

New Wave (New to me; Not recommended)
Strain - Morrocan Hash 11 Euro / g - Stopped here as it was near where I was staying. Picked a hash from their limited menu. It was a lower quality hash and they initially forgot I’d paid for drinks.
Atmosphere - A new shop to me, a wee bit out of the centre of Eindhoven. Staff were either rude or too stoned, seemed kinda rushed to get back to watching the TV. The room was alright, more like a normal bar than other coffee shops. I would not be rushing back.


Toermalijn (New to me; Tilburg)
Strain - Premium Morrocan Hash - 14 Euro / g

Originally wanted another hash
Originally wanted another hash but they had sold out. Staff suggested this, turned out to be a good choice. More blonde than the hash from the Indian coffee shop and softer. Decent strength, similar to Tbizla from BoereJongens.
Atmosphere - Cool shop with an interesting garden area in the back! It was warm so I sat out there and smoked a few joints and listened to some music.

The Grass Company (New to me; Tilburg)
Strain - Hash Cookie’s 3 Euro / each
. - Stopped here as I had heard good things about their edibles. Cookies were small but reasonable for the price. I took these with some truffles so I can’t say how strong they are really. I gave one to someone I met and he said they were strong but he doesn’t smoke much.
Atmosphere - A new shop for me, unfortunately, I had to catch a train so did not have time to stay and eat. Next time I will stay when I visit with Girlfriend.


Siberie (Every visit list)
Strain - Outdoor Bio Weed(Outdoor) 7 Euro / g
- Since my first time visiting Siberie I return each visit to get some outdoor filler for my hash Joints. As usual decent outdoor weed which I mild.
(8/10 for quality 9/10 for atmosphere).
Atmosphere - I like the decor, good service and I like sitting in here when it’s raining outside! I will now visit this shop every trip unless the quality decreases.

El Guapo (Every visit list)
24K Hash 15Euro / g -
Good quality soft hash in a tube container. Pretty strong 8/10
White O.G Hash 15 Euro / g - A new school soft hash in tube container matching the hash. Very good flavour mixed with Tobacco or weed. Pretty stick and pliable once it gets going which can be annoying compared to old school hash. My favourite from this trip. 9/10
Kandy Kush Hash 15Euro / g - Since my first time visiting El Gaupo I have bought this each trip quality is consistent but I prefer the White O.G hash. 9/10

Atmosphere - I like this shop, I had reservations about this the first time I visited but the staff are helpful and happy to show you the menu and offer their opinion.

TLDR: Overall another great trip exploring some new parts of the Netherlands.

Still to visit (October trip): Tweede Kamer, Grey Area, Barneys, Bluebird, Solo, La Tertulia.

I will also have reports for upcoming trips to Prague (October) and Copenhagen (February). If anyone has any suggestions or advice for these

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Re: October 19 Eindhoven Tilburg and Amsterdam Report.

Post by Essexturk420 »

Sounds like you had a great time 😁,
Great bit of description too bro , hope you have good great in October bro , im out there in amsterdam November i cant wait 👌
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Re: October 19 Eindhoven Tilburg and Amsterdam Report.

Post by RoMoney »

Nice, great to see more and more ACDers hitting up Noord Brabant! :)
Bring back Imelda Marcos!
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Re: October 19 Eindhoven Tilburg and Amsterdam Report.

Post by macky »

8) Nice read , I like hitting smaller towns CS always fun :D
Hope pusher street in Copenhagen is open when you visit (police chief has a stick up his ass an keeps raiding it ) because you say you like hash .In my opinion when streets up and running there’s no place better for a hash head ..good luck
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