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The Act

coffeeshop Rotterdam
The Act
coffee shop The Act, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of The Act Number of Positive Reviews 15 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Perth182 from France. Sent 25 Jul 2012.
Closed for ever.
Neutral Review Dutchflowers from UK. Sent 18 Jul 2012.
I visited this coffeeshop on Friday 13 July 2012 in the morning. It was closed and looking through the large windows, the entire ground floor looked empty as if everything was removed. Even the counter to buy weed from near the front door was completely empty. It is was not possible to work out if the coffeeshop has closed for business or if it is undergoing another renovation, like it did in 2010. I have visited this coffeeshop about 3-4 times over the past few years and found the weed to be good, and the atmosphere great (although the music was loud at times).
Positive Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 22 Feb 2011.
Very nice ambiance, very nice weed (sorry- I can't remember what I've smoked but it was very nice and tasty). 1/2 for the unknown weed.
Positive Review Mikkel from Denmark. Sent 13 Nov 2010.
Nice chill atmosphere inside and some good prices too - You are not allowed to wear any hats or likely inside.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK. Sent 11 Jul 2010.
I visited this coffeeshop again on Tuesday 6 June 2010 at around 10:30 am. Since my last visit, the renovations appear to be done. The place to purchase weed is just inside the main door to your left. Service was very friendly and helpful: he took the time to explain the difference between some of the weeds on sale. I bought 1 gram of their NL and 1 gram of White Widow. The NL was very good. Stronger than the White Widow. Overall, this place is good which is why when I visit Rotterdam I have repeatedly returned here.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK. Sent 14 Nov 2009.
Visited last weekend of October 2009. New management and completely changed inside. Egyptian theme gone and now very open, bright, modern. Music still good. Upstairs /top floor closed. Weed / hash now sold at the entrance. Windows uncovered completely so you can see outside. When I was there the renovation work was not quite complete. Owner told me the official opening was in 2 weeks and invited me to attend which I could not. Very friendly. Menu good. Opening hours extended. If I remember well, the new hours are 9am to midnight, most days except Sunday when it is 10am to midnight. I like the new place.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK. Sent 8 Apr 2009.
There was no Andre H6 available, which I really enjoyed the last time. I had their White Widow which was quite good. Staff still friendly and helpful. Atmosphere still good. Steady stream of customers during the time I was there, and quite busy around the billards table -top floor and ground floor. Menu had lots to offer: hash or weed, again on top floor. You can buy pre-rolled on the ground floor where you buy the drinks, etc. I did try to visit at 11am on Wed 1 April but it was not yet open despite the opening time being 11am. Perhaps whoever was opening up was late for work!
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 5 Feb 2009.
Me and some friends went in, and were surprised with the interior. It looks like an old kebab shop, lots of Egyptian stuff. At the counter on the main floor only drinks and pre rolled joints are sold. We went up 2 stairs and found the menu: Superskunk, WW (sold out), Andre H6, Brain damage, The Act Special. I didn't look at the hash menu. I bought 2 bags, one The Act Special, and a Brain Damage. Sitting back down, with some drinks we rolled our joint. Excellent quality, we were on a planet far away. Afterward we couldn't stop laughing! Definitely worth a visit.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
This 3 level coffeeshop is always busy and lively. Tried their Super Polm hash & the Red Devil buddy. Neither one was overly powerful, but a nice shop for sure.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK. Sent 3 Nov 2008.
I visited this coffeeshop for the first time on Friday 31 October 2008 at 11:00 am just as it opened its doors. I went to the top floor where the weed is sold and bought 10 Euros of Andre H6 (about 0.9 grams). It was fantastic stuff. Seller was very friendly. The menu had 5 different types of weed on it plus hash. I returned to this coffeeshop on Sunday 2 November about 6:45 PM (it closes at 7 PM on Sundays) so had just enough time to smoke one joint. By 7:10 PM, the owner was keen to close up -don't blame him. Overall, I was very happy with this coffeeshop and will return there. Decor is themed Egyptian. Music a bit loud at times but good to listen to when stoned.
Positive Review Jane and Stew from Spain. Sent 12 Nov 2007.
An excellent venue, set very close to the Beurs shopping Centre. Atmosphere: upmarket, yet without losing that 'earthy' feel that you like to get from a coffee house. Ancient Egyptian decor lends it a nice effect when 'stoned'. The manager, an Egyptian himself, certainly takes pride in his establishment and in his work. He even showed us around the premises, taking us to the top floor which is hidden to the general view upon entering. At the time of our visit, he was having problems with the massive TV at the place, and actually took the trouble to speak to the clients individually to explain the difficulties. It was UPC who do not provide a 24 hour service. Prices: having regard to the shop's location (bang in the centre of Rotterdam), drinks and ready rolled joints were a reasonable price. Gramme purchases were made on the upper floor. Facilities: we checked the bathrooms, and they were clean, and were clearly well looked after. Lighting was perfect for the venue and cleanliness generally was fine. It is the perfect spot to visit after a hard day's shopping.
Positive Review Basti from Germany. Sent 13 Oct 2007.
A nice coffeeshop, easy to find with two floors. Cool music, friendly stuff, good weed ;-) You meet locals and tourists there in a relaxed atmosphere. I can recommend everyone to visit and taking a brief stay.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands. Sent 26 Jun 2005.
Still going strong with the most expensive weed and hash in Rotterdam, third floor, and always has tourists from all over the world as well as locals.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands. Sent 27 Dec 2004.
Still a great shop to visit and hang out, only drawback is the prices for weed and hash, and the three sets or stairs you have to climb to get to the top, but people do it all day everyday. The drink prices are good and the shop as a whole is still a 10 on my scale.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands. Sent 27 Mar 2004.
Holds 200-plus people. 10 types of weed, 7 types of hash, loads of cool video games and loads of supplies and drinks. This is one of the best shops in Rotterdam without a doubt. The prices are from €2.50 a gram to €12.00 a gram for the outstanding Silver Pearl Skunk, and the hash is tops.
Positive Review Fred from France. Visited May/June 2003. Sent 23 Sep 2003.
Very nice place with young people and lots of customers, good kinds of weed. Located in the town so great to go there when you are doing shopping.
Positive Review Sebastian from Germany. Sent 4 Aug 2003.
Very nice shop with two floors. Upstairs you can buy your hash and weed, the hash was really good (a friend from Rotterdam told me it could be one of the best in Rotterdam :) But the weed (especially Braindamage) is very good too! All in all a nice Shop :-)