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Big Bud
headshop Maastricht
Big Bud
head shop Big Bud, Maastricht, Limburg for pipes and paraphernalia with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Stefan from Germany. Sent 11 Aug 2005.
I was in the shop and bought some 'shrooms (10g Hawaiian 15€). They wasn't as good. But the shop has nice equipment. They sell seeds, spoors, growing-stuff, bongs and much more.
Jelle from Belgium. Sent 25 Aug 2004.
It's a great headshop, you find there a lot of Bob Marley (everything), I found there a very stoned girl selling a red bong to a friend of mine, but I found nothing for me, I did ask for plants but they don't sell them anymore only seeds.