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Black Widow
coffeeshop Maastricht
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Stephen from Belgium. Sent 20 Jun 2011.
This is one of the best shops in Maastricht in my opinion, they give lots of weed for the money and it's always dried well. Haze is of very high quality but prices are high, but there's also White Widow and such for only €10/g. Shop is nice, but not the best place to sit and have a smoke (wooden seats), they do have a pool table / kicker table to play! There are also lots of tourists, which means lot's of people and a queue when you go in the evening/weekends, probably because they are very close to the Belgian border. The staff is also very friendly and pleasant.
Janne from Finland. (living Belgium) Sent 10 Apr 2011.
Just to correct what Matthew from USA says, it is not legal to take any amount of weed across the border. Love the place otherwise.
Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
ID show. Not directly in the city, in this shop can you perfect relax a little from the stress of the boatshops, the prices are normal, the stuff was very good.
Colin from USA. (living Belgium) Sent 2 Jan 2008.
Good quality everything, just wayyy overpriced! The prices in Holland are as much as in USA, if you compare quality. Cali weed is much much better than Europe thinks. Time to upgrade ur quality boys or the competition is coming.
DM from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2005.
Black Widow is full of Belgian people. It's rather fun when you see one of your friends also in the same coffeeshop as you. Upstairs it's clean, but cheap. There's a big screen TV which is perfect to watch soccer games. Downstairs it's really basic. First you have to survive the dangerous stairs. There isn't much comfort, the walls are rough and everyone puts messages on it with a knife or so. If you like 'underground' you'll like it here but otherwise I think you won't come again. There also 2 pool tables and a kicker table. Lots of place to chill but like I said, it's not very comfortable. Staff is always friendly but it's a rather crowded shop and used by many comin-comout customers so there's mostly a queue. Good thing is also you can see how much gram they really put in your bag. They have really good Northern Light and White Widow at 6€. The Haze is also good (8€). They have also a large offer in hash in all different price ranges. Their Skuff is rather expensive but really good (12€)
Jelle from Belgium. Sent 25 Aug 2004.
It's a good coffeeshop, when you come in you have a bar with tables and couches and a big TV screen, you can go down stairs where is a lot of place to smoke but damn there are no couches, they have 2 dealers at once, that's quicker cause there comes a lot of people every day again, specially in the weekends. Behind the dealers there is a room where you can play pool or play soccer (kickeren). There are 4-5 places where you can sit and smoke. If you want weed from the black you gotta take NL that's some good weed, than you can take some White Widow and don't forget the Haze A5, hashes. It's a very public coffeeshop and I go there when I'm tired of biking it's just 10 min from Belgium ;)
Matthew from USA. Sent 29 Oct 2003.
The staff was really nice and up for conversation. What I think is coolest about this place, aside from top quality buds for a good price, is the fact that the basement is a pool hall. It was really nice to be able to buy some grass, role a joint, and shoot a game of pool in the same building. If shooting pool is your thing you have to see this place. Also lots of Belgians were there as it was about 1km from the border (but hey you can import 5 grams into Belgium legally now so do not worry about crossing to go canoeing or biking).