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coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Cookies Lounge Number of Positive Reviews 21 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany sent 10 Jun 2019
Greenhouse is one of the better coffeeshop chains in town, yet this particular dispensary & lounge is just overrun by tourists and seats spare during peak / rush hours. Flower quality is always top.
Positive Review Michael from Israel sent 12 Sep 2017
One of my favorite coffee shops. Very good and friendly atmosphere. The staff are very helpful and friendly. The only problem here is that no matter what I smoke I always get a little bit too stoned there. At first I thought it was their weed but the last time I went I smoked a White Widow that I had purchased in a box of 5 from the Bulldog. Now I had smoked the other 4 with no problems. After smoking the last joint in Greenhouse Lounge we went shopping in Kalverstraat where I felt I was actually floating down the street then I saw Michael Jackson walking in the other direction (or someone looking like him). Well I asked my wife if she saw it and she said she thinks she did but neither of us are actually certain we didn't just imagine it. Even with the effect it has on me I still love this coffee shop. In fact it was the very first coffee shop I ever went to in Amsterdam.
Positive Review Hashemite from USA sent 16 Jul 2013
Always stop here when in Amsterdam. It is a must! Staff is usually always great and they serve some of the biggest sandwiches I ever saw. I saw at least four guys sharing 1 order. As for weed and hash selections, with cannabis cup winners you cannot go wrong. I usually get the King Hassan strains for those looking for nice mellow lift, that does not make you out of your mind but not just buzzing.
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Menu ok but didn't buy anything just chilled with a doobie and a drink or two. Nice chilled place with comfy seats and huge fish tank in the floor which was pretty crazy when stoned out your box! Staff v nice in here.
Positive Review Hippy Pippy from England sent 12 May 2010
Found this by chance after spending the day looking for it elsewhere. The decor is cool with celeb pics on the wall and a koi carp pool in the floor. The weed was strong and the giggles were great. Serves food and no alcoholic beverages. The budtenders were cool and friendly and had great advice. Would definitely go back for a burger and a smoke.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
Their new shop and style is very cool and modern. Their stuff is still very good and very expensive.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 24 Jul 2008
Another great shop on Haarlemmer Straat! This place is very cozy and relaxing, not too big, but not too small. They do serve breakfast! An open air front invites you in and the wiet counter is on the left as you walk in. They sell wiet, hash, and seeds here, they also have a magnifying glass on the counter for all us cannanerds. The motif is similar to their other locations, with hieroglyphic patterns painted on the walls. As you walk in further, there is a glass floor looking down to a koi pond, very cool novelty and effect. On the right is padded seating at nice tables with candles. Then another alcove of tables opens up to the left side, after the wiet counter. The drink counter is in back (great cappuccinos), and the bathrooms are up-stairs to the back. The lighting is very nice, suspended lights amongst other spot lights, the candles, and large flat screen televisions makes for a nice ambiance. Good music as well, trancy-ambiant stuff and reggae. The wiet tender was very friendly, telling me all about their extensive menu. He chatted with me for a good long time as I was the only one ordering at the time. He told me about an "Off menu" item, the "Trainwreck," which at 10e a gm. was an amazing deal, this stuff rocks, ask for it! I also tried the "Hawaiian Snow," still just as amazing at 11e a gm. The food menu is great, offering breakfast toastis, English or Irish breakfast, gieten kaas broodjie, salmon & cream cheese bagel, and even yakatori, amongst several other offerings. The staff was amazing, they told me to pick out a bong, and then take a seat, then they brought me out a fresh clean bong w/ ice and my cappuccino, all with a smile! Close to Centraal Station, a great first stop of the day, check this place out!
Positive Review Matt from USA sent 16 Jan 2008
This is a new place, only open six months, it is on the same street, but before you get, to Barneys. Chic interior, good sound system, and a glass floor with a carp fish tank below (I'm not making this up). Quite a surprise at first. I tried the Hawaiian Snow 11 euro, which looked okay, but really knocked me on my ass. And the AK-47 for 8.90 euro was good value.
Positive Review Spliffi from Norway sent 5 Jul 2007
Really nice and clean, also one of the best if not the best menu on weed. Great staff.
Positive Review Ruth from UK sent 18 Jan 2007
The very best, comfy place. I hate soapbar so I enjoy a nice resin in Dam. The BV's Honey Maroc is a creamy delight!
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
Friendly guys, with 2 billiards and (1 down and 1 upstairs).
Positive Review Seebass from England visited 08/02/06; sent 24 Feb 2006
This place does an hour of pool for 5 euros and the bloke behind the bar let us play for 3 hours and the have some big bongs which is fat cos I love a mole and a game of pool after breakfast. Easily one of the best coffeeshops in my opinion anyway.
Positive Review GG from England sent 21 Feb 2005
Only went in cos Barneys was packed and Pink Floyd {no disrespect} was shit. Anyway, what a top cafe. Full of locals. Always a good sign don't you think? Tunes were chillin and staff were helpful. Tried some homegrown which did the trick but the A1 stuff is Royal Jelly which we sampled day 2. Reassuringly expensive but as smooth as a lap dancers muff. They got a confusing map on the wall, pipes and bongs in a cupboard and you can even get to play backgammon once the staff have gone to get you some dice. How helpful is that?
Positive Review RT and NH from USA sent 21 Jan 2005
Decent, although the weed we checked out was all shake and bartender said most of it was like that. I prefer nugs. Coffeeshop had odd 50's vibe to it but cool nonetheless. There's a pool table in the back and a pinball machine.
Neutral Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
You can drink alcohol here. They were not very friendly and their Dutch Gold was good but ordinary. Barney's is closed early, so we test the Blue Velvet. I' m not recommending this coffeeshop, go to the Barney's if you are in the docks quarter.
Positive Review Patrick from USA visited March '04; sent 6 Nov 2004
Barney's was always packed, so we entered the Blue Velvet. And it's dim inside, with blue lighting. I liked it. Got the Mr. Nice Guy, and there were no complaints. I'd recommend this one if Barney's is too packed.
Positive Review Damien from USA sent 8 Sep 2004
This place was real special. Had a very nice dealer who gave me frequent buyer card (Buy 12 sacks get 1 free!). The first day I bought a pre-weighed bag (12 euros) of Mr. Nice and a gram of their Royal Jelly. Oh my god. The Royal Jelly (30 euros, Ouch!) was the strongest cannabis product I ever smoked. I asked the guy for a bong and he gave me an awkward look, which I disregarded. I figured it was another "look at those crazy Americans with their bongs" look, but I would find out the real reason in a minute. The guy was extra nice because he cleaned it, put ice in it and brought it to the table. I packed my self a pure hit of Jelly. It grabbed my lungs like a vice and did not relent. I coughed myself in to a disoriented haze and when I came out of it, it was the closest thing to tripping you can come from cannabis. I was enjoying myself until my girlfriend took a hit. She was bugging. It was the only time she looked like one of those tourists who have never smoked good pot. I had to take her out of the shop and over to a bench by a canal. I was laughing my balls off. 10 out of 10. If want to get stoned get the Jelly. Warning: My girlfriend and I smoke an ounce of the finest herb in NYC every week and even she couldn't hang at first. Not for the novice.
Positive Review Thatguy from USA visited April 3 2003; sent 11 Aug 2004
The staff was informative and very easy to get along with. The hash was what I remember from "high" school (as I haven't seen hash in the US since 1990) and the skunk is much like the $400.00 an ounce Hydro-nuggets in Tampa. At 6 euro per gm (each) and a borrowed bong. I would say our stay left us giddy for days. I hope the cat is well.
Negative Review Doozer from USA sent 21 Jul 2004
I did not like the Blue Velvet, at first I didn't mind them because the person I went to Amsterdam with liked 'em. But he is an idiot and so are the people in the Blue Velvet. They told my friend that I wasn't welcome because of my negative vibes and told him to tell me that because they were scared of me for some reason. I can't stand being judged by coffee shop workers I spent barely anytime in there and to be quite frank, it is a severely dilapidated shop, with the ceiling rotting and chairs are rickety not to mention uncomfortable. And their White Widow was harsh on my throat, prolly cos it was loaded up with chemical fertilizers, I got a gram of the Royal Jelly and it was also potent but bad tasting, and 30euro a gram is expensive. I liked Felix and Renea, the barmaid and house dealer, even if they didn't like me.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA visited June 04; sent 1 Jul 2004
A morning stop. It was quiet there at the time, with an American girl working the counter. We used the Internet computers that are in an upstairs area. They charge 2 Euro per half hour, but the codes they gave us were glitchy and we ended up with an hour at the same price. Computer area shares a floor with a pool table, and there's a separate pool area on a lower floor. Played some interesting music, almost folky at times. A nice shop.
Positive Review Steve from USA visited 14,15 Dec 2003; sent 20 Dec 2003
Bought 2 grams of White Widow. Very nice smoke. They let us use a bong. We had coffee and drinks. The place is great. The people were very friendly and very helpful. We went back in the 2nd night and they recognized us. We had coffee and drinks and smoked a big spliff. Got to know the people a little better. Talked to a lady about little horses. She was very nice and very helpful. She seemed to own the cat, so I think she may have been one of the owners. Great place, good smoke, nice people, and good music.
Positive Review Jonathon from England sent 28 Oct 2003
Me and my girlfriend have visited the Blue Velvet Coffee Shop twice now and have found it to be one of the friendliest Coffee Shops in Amsterdam. The lady behind the bar is really cool and on this occasion of visiting (23/10/03) someone in the shop even rolled a spliff for us which surprised me. We bought 1g of White Widow which blows your ed off and 1g of Mr Nice which is exactly what it says it is, (NICE) LOL. I would recommend this Coffee Shop to anyone who wants to chill in a warm environment.
Positive Review Sean from USA sent 18 Aug 2003
Yiffat, the owner, has rooms for rent above the coffeeshop. The accommodations were nice for 50 euro/night. I had a room upstairs overlooking Haarlemerstraat. Full size bed and cable TV. but the toilet and shower were shared. I smoked Silver Pearl, G13xHash Plant, Jack Herer, Temple ball, and Sahara in the shop, but my favorite was the Isolator at their sister shop Softland. 30 euro/gram, but excellent.
Positive Review Tobi from Germany sent 15 Aug 2003
I liked the shop, because it is very clean and very bright. You can drink alcohol on the bar or smoke some fantastic bio weed at the tables. Their best, maybe the best in all over Amsterdam , is their Mr. Nice with 26% THC. As I know it is the highest THC in weed in Amsterdam. There are no idiots in that place because they want to see ID. Their logo is a smoking white comic cat. In fact this cat really exists, and that old white cat sleeps there on the bar, waiting to be stroked, sleeping all day long. There is a nice pool table on the 2nd floor and a couple of arcade games. If you need to relax, go there, ask for a big pipe and chill as long as you want. The people from the shop are really nice too and they will always help you with any questions. They are playing really psychedelic music from all countries. Tomorrow I m going again!