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de Boeddha
coffeeshop Delft
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Epsilon from USA. Sent 25 Jul 2009.
This is strictly buy n go, unless you happen to smoke pure. There is a table where customers are allowed to roll, no smoking (w/ tabak) allowed though. The dude on duty was a little surprised to find some pure smokers paying him a visit. We sampled a 5 Euro bud of Boedha Special and it was a nice smoke. What used to be the smoking area is now an "employee lounge ". No drinks, but there is a WC left over from its real coffeeshop days. Very friendly, helpful tender who pointed us towards the Vlouw, knowing the kind of shop we were looking for.
Anon.. Sent 28 Jun 2007.
Good weed in a good coffeeshop if you know what to ask for. For newbies I recommend a 6tje Santa Maria or Bubbles and mix with White Widdow. If you have no longvloe just grab some but be sure to take the bleu or gold smokers brand.
Joe Momma from USA. (living in Delft) Sent 22 Sep 2003.
One of my favorites [with de Vlouw]. [Like de Vlouw] it looks nice inside with decorations and fun stuff to look at when your baked. Friendly staff and games to keep you occupied (like foozeball and pool). Plenty of room to move around. There is a little picture of Buddha on the window.