coffeeshop in The Hague
Reviews of Cremers Number of Positive Reviews 15 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited May 2019; sent 27 May 2019
This is it. Not much more to say. Absolutely friendly staff, absolutely amazing weed and Thai Sticks. Only bad part: The damn basement you can hardly call a place to smoke! Too small and too quick crowded! Love you guys!
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Buy next door, smoke in (beer) bar; excellent, rammed on a weeknight; well worth visiting The Hague to come here.
Positive Review Mississippi_Bullfrog from Belgium sent 21 Nov 2010
It's been a while since one last posted a comment on this place, here; therefore I'd like to "re-confirm" the general consensus that Cremers looks, feels, sounds and tastes/smells like the best place in town. I'm a hash lover myself, and their menu offers some very good options; since I always go for the dark (black), oily ones, I enjoyed their Afghan & Nepali very much. But besides that, this place deserves a mention for the overall atmosphere. Good music, nice decoration, cool staff, enjoyable 'vibe'. Whenever I visit The Hague, in fact I visit Cremers - that's the feeling. Hope to meet the queen there one day! ;o)
Positive Review The Doctor from UK sent 3 Dec 2009
This place divides local opinion. Comfortable traditional Dutch bar decor, licensed for alcohol, quality coffee, live DJs, it feels like the best Amsterdam coffeeshops of yesteryear. There is a good, varied weed/hash menu but it's very expensive for Den Haag and always busy, irritating some locals who view it as a tourist ripoff. It may be, but it's a great all evening coffeeshop and this is increasingly rare.
Positive Review Adub from USA sent 13 Nov 2009
The first coffeeshop I have enjoyed since being here. Kinda busy, but one of the few shops where you can still smoke (bud), drink, and they even have a cigarette booth. 6 euro for 1 gram Jamaican, didn’t look very good but smoked fine, probably wouldn’t buy it again though) and very cool budtenders and waitress. Best hot chocolate ever, and all around nice spot to chill, I would definitely recommend to anyone in The Hague.
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil sent 17 Mar 2009
I liked this place, different from everything I have seen in Holland. Just on the corner is the coffee shop with very good menu of weed and hash from top quality haze to average hash. Prices between 25 euros per gram (Ice-hash) to 6 euros per gram (Skunk#1) with very friendly budtender. Next to it is the bar/pub where you can drink alcohol and smoke weed and if you want to smoke tobacco there is a shed made of glass inside the bar/pub so you don't have to go out to smoke your tobacco. They have bongs, pipe, paper and etc.
Positive Review Koopa from USA visited April; sent 28 Feb 2009
For first timers in Den Haag (10th time to the Netherlands though) this shop proved to be a touch difficult for us to locate. Fortunately, it was well worth our effort as it was the best shop we found in town! They have a small buy and fly counter on one side and a door leading to a full bar that is smoker friendly on the other side! The menu choices varied from 6,50e per gram (Grapefruit) all the way up to 12e per gram (Diesel) and they had lots of unique varieties that were a step up from most of Amsterdam's weed. I got this strain with some ridiculous name, something like Super Fluffy White Hairy Weed for 8e per gram and although it was a bit fresh it was a winner. What I liked even more than the good herb at fair prices, was the comfortable atmosphere of the bar area next to the buy and fly section. It was more like a diner with an expansive bar on one side (large comfortable booth seating on the opposite wall by the windows). Hertog Jan beers were on tap (not the greatest Dutch beer but a decent local option) and the freedom to smoke weed with or without tobacco while choosing to drink alcohol or not was refreshing. I wish Amsterdam would do away with all the silly restrictions that have been placed on its local coffeeshops. At Coffeeshop Cremers you get back to the authentic coffeeshop experience of previous years!
Positive Review Lucky Lucy from Netherlands sent 27 Dec 2008
The Cremery in Den Haag is tops! Highly, and I do mean highly recommend the Eco Ultra Haze. No chemicals, huge sticky crystals and hugely effective. Also Carmello hash is the bee's knees. I'll be back soon! Like tomorrow because I'm almost out.
Positive Review Nattaman from Italy sent 9 Oct 2007
The best cafe of the city. They serve beer "Jan Hertog" very good beer. They have a great Amnesia Haze and the black hash is very good. Really impressive.
Positive Review Brad from USA sent 7 Jan 2007
This was definitely the best place we visited in The Hague. The Kali Mist, Siberian Tiger, Sensi Smile, White Widow, Skunk, and the King MUH (Hash) were all excellent. The K2 and the Purple Haze were disappointing.
Positive Review Tom from USA sent 16 Dec 2005
I wasn't quite up for a drink so I didn't check out the bar, but the coffee shop had an excellent menu featuring a wide variety of hashes and weed from all over the world. It has the best selection of hashes I have seen in The Hague. I purchased some Purple Haze and then purchased some Tazmanian at the shop keepers suggestion after I asked for K2 which had ran out. I doubt it came from Tazmania, but it was quite a good high. The Purple Haze had the typical spicy taste of purple strains and typical sativa high. Great selection, but the best hash was too expensive for my taste at over 40 euro a gram.
Positive Review Jos from The Hague sent 30 Mar 2005
Very smart and friendly crew! My first time in a coffeeshop was in Cremers, the crew taught me lots of things and was very patient and friendly. The other people who buy their stuff here are very friendly 2! I have been to other shops, but I always come back to Cremers.
Positive Review Anon. from Netherlands sent 3 Feb 2005
It's a café but you also can buy & smoke the best weed & hasj together with your beer(s). All legal! :D
Positive Review Sportkip from Netherlands sent 18 Nov 2004
Had never been to a coffeeshop before and did not know what to use and buy. Wanted something for medicinal use (pain relief). The guy in the shop was very friendly and gave me good advice and since then I have been back twice.
Positive Review BAC from Netherlands sent 11 Aug 2004
Cremers is with no doubt the best coffee shop in the Hague. Cremers has a small part where you can buy your weed or hash and then has a very nice bar. It has the finest weed (they are all good but my personal favourite is California Red Bud), the bar is also very nice and has a nice welcoming atmosphere. The staff is nice and occasionally they have "happy hours". The prices are alright, not the cheapest but not outrageous either, California Red Bud costs around 6.75 euros a gram, although if you don't want to spend much you can always get a bag of Magic Dust (already crushed) for 12 euros for 3 grams. They also have good hash, for example H2o which is very expensive but one of the strongest hashes around. Enjoy this coffeeshop, I certainly do.