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The Game

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The Game
coffee shop The Game, Delft, Zuid Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, menu, map, picture
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Reviews of The Game Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Anon.. Sent 4 Jun 2013.
Now turning away foreigners even though I was with my girlfriend who is born and bred in Delft, which we explained to them. They said it's a new rule that started 3 June.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 25 Jul 2009.
One of only two bona fide coffeeshops left in Delft. By that I mean sells weed/hash, offers a place to smoke it and serves drinks, snacks etc. The Game has a small but comfortable seating area that is generally packed or close to it. It seems to have an intensely local scene. They sell in 6 or 12 euro quantities, their Silver Bud was the best weed we sampled while in Delft. The atmosphere was good and I suspect this would make a nice local shop if one was a local. Music we heard included Canned Heat, Elvis and, as was so often heard this summer, a little MJ. Located a few blocks from the Station and a 5/10 minute walk from the Central Square.
Positive Review Michelle from UK. Sent 25 Nov 2004.
Never fancied it before but now I have found my local.
Positive Review Joe Momma from USA. (living in Delft) Sent 22 Sep 2003.
Good, and the weed was great, but I couldn't find a place to sit down. The place is small and well known, so it's crowded. I didn't stay long. They have a small collection of pipes for sale, though.
Positive Review Skyterix from Netherlands. Sent 19 Aug 2003.
A trendy, futuristic décor awaits those who make their way out to The Game. Easy to find from the train station (just go straight), it is a little removed from the absolute centre of town. Close to the newer shopping area (Westvest), there is a reasonable selection of herb - remember, Delft isn't Amsterdam - and based on my sample, it's fresh and of decent quality.