coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of Pacific Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Claudio from Brazil sent 30 Oct 2012
Nice place. Bought some crystal weed. Very good. Wet. Good coffee.
Positive Review Gman from USA sent 18 Aug 2011
Awesome local shop! The choice of nederwiet is fantastic, something like 8 - 10 strains. Highly recommend the Bluecheese, it was the best we had the whole trip. Tasted just like eating blueberries, perfect combo of Blueberry up and Cheese down high. Bubblegum was also great, the Chocolope was shite, definitely did not live up to the hype but the Bleucheese :)). Locals come through constantly, the day-shift barista is fucking great, super friendly and speaks marvellous English (he knew my drink order third time I came in), the night-shift barista is just as good but not as English savvy. TV is usually on with a football match or funny movie, smoking area overlooks the quiet street - marvellous for the lowkey local spliff experience. Superb atmosphere, chill and welcoming albeit a bit of a divebar visually. Tasty coffee. Oh and they weigh out your order in front of you, classy. We killed 3+ hours on our last day while waiting to go to airport here, it was wonderful.
Neutral Review TheNewSchmoo from USA sent 7 Dec 2010
Okay. They have a good selection of weed for great prices. We had Jack H. Widow for less than 9 euro/gram. Pacific is probably a nice shop for locals and regulars (it reminded me a bit of a dive bar), but maybe not the best for tourists. Travelers may think, like I did, that they want to visit the more low-key, off-the-beaten-path shops, but I warn you that you'll never feel like more of a tourist than when you're the only ones in a place. This feeling is only heightened when stoned. We opted to go to the more popular shops for the rest of our trip. It was also winter though, so maybe this place gets a lot more attention in warmer weather.
Positive Review Dane from UK sent 4 Jan 2007
I tried the Shiva, at 8.50/G the priciest of several Dutch weeds, it was sweet, looked and smelled like Mango/Orange Bud. Nice high. The place is fairly big with a pool table and it is not touristic. You can get big discounts on certain selections, e.g. 12E for 3 G of Top 44, or 3 G of Afghaan hash. Worth a visit if you are near the Heineken brewery/museums. 7.5/10.
Positive Review Chris from USA visited 12/00; sent 22 Feb 2004
I liked it because it was quiet and the music volume was low enough to have a conversation without shouting. Brought my own hash on that occasion, but their coffee was good.