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Heaven 69
coffeeshop Maastricht
Heaven 69
coffee shop Heaven 69, Maastricht, Limburg for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Heaven 69 17 0 0
Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
ID show. I think is the best shop in this city, the apple pie is the best I've ever eaten, the prices are normal. They have mix weed for 5€/gr.
Durv from Netherlands. Sent 30 Jul 2008.
Genius, eating and smoking is really good combo. The weed is good quality, and you can buy 0,6 gr, 1 gr+ bags, good if you wanna try something out. The quality is better than I expected made me feel perfect on the way back home in the car.
Pino from Belgium. Sent 2 Oct 2007.
They make really good burgers! Very expensive, but it's worth it because of the quality (weed especially), the comfort and the good atmosphere (and the pretty waitress!). It's a really cool place to get stoned for hours.
Elecman from Germany. Sent 29 Sep 2007.
It looks very comfortable, always relaxing atmosphere. I decided to buy Jack Herer (5g / 45€) - one of the best sort I've ever tried. The price is ok in relation to the quality, the smell and the effect are perfect. There are two separate areas, in the first you can order meals and drinks from the bar. The other area downstairs you can chill out ;-). Rating: 9 / 10
Homerro from Poland. Sent 22 Aug 2007.
A good one but not stunning. Spacious interior with big windows all around, good looking and friendly female staff, not so much kinds of weed to buy (only White Widow and Jack Herrer) and a few types of hash. Generally speaking, prices are high - I've paid 10 Euro for 1,2 g Jack Herrer but the most expensive hash costs 40 Euro for 5 g - that's much! What is worth noticing is the wide range of meals and beverages served there - from milkshakes and mint tee to vegetarian food. It's worth visiting but if you have not so much time in Maastricht you better try Mississippi.
Yankee from Germany. Sent 6 Aug 2007.
The terrace was open, and we bought Jack Herrer and some milkshakes. The milkshakes are to die for. If I stop smoking pot I might still make a small trip there just to enjoy some of them, they are to die for, but 3.50 euro. Met some other Germans there that asked if we were taking anything back, to which we replied we weren't. Had a cool conversation with them. There's also a vaporiser downstairs. What I find great about Heaven 69 is they also do 5 Euro deals, which I haven't seen elsewhere. Went here amidst a mushroom trip while it was crowded, sat at a table next to the owners, I doubt they noticed.
Peter from Ireland. Sent 11 Apr 2007.
I have spent a lot of time in Maastricht and had lived there many year ago and I have to say that the best coffee shop / tearoom I have visited would have to be The Tearoom Heaven 69. Such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in there. Been an Irish man myself it was nice to meet such a nice man as Patrick. If you have been there you would know him. He is a small chubby paddy! No pun intended. And there was another called Alan, skinny older guy. However I will be visiting soon and would like to see some more vegetarian food on the menu. Thumbs up to the Tearoom. 10/10
STH from USA. Sent 3 Feb 2007.
One of my favorites. All the bud is really great, and the atmosphere is nice. There's a bar area and a few tables upstairs. There's a terrace upstairs that has a retractable roof for nice days/night, which I found to be a relief from all the other congested and claustrophobic shops. Downstairs is a few tables and the weed place. If you want you can order a meal (not a huge selection) and smoke while you eat. The music is generally relaxing/or techno. Rating: 9/10
Danielle from USA. Sent 17 Sep 2005.
I feel compelled to express my love of the Tearoom. I spent a semester abroad in Maastricht a few years ago, and the Tearoom was the hangout of choice for me and my friends. There are so many good things to say about it! Most importantly, the selection and quality of their product is excellent (and free samples abound!) The staff is wonderfully nice (at the time it was run by an Irish fellow named Patrick, who was so friendly) and the food is delicious. I highly recommend the Thai fried rice and their milkshakes are also very good. Breakfast is also a great time to visit. The atmosphere is great, ethereal with lots of plants and flowers. I learned how to roll a joint from one of the employees, and my skills have been complemented by many (thanks Allen) and it is not at all sketchy, which some coffeeshops may be. When we left to go back to the States, we were showered with t-shirts and pot. I have been meaning to take a trip back to my beloved Maastricht for some time now, and the first place I'll go upon my arrival is the Tearoom.
Stew from UK. Sent 31 Aug 2005.
Well established, selling quality stuff. The lads who work there are friendly and helpful.
Lemming from UK. Sent 30 Jun 2005.
Maastricht is a very likable city and Heaven is a very likable coffeeshop. It's big with three distinct sections. The bud counter is in the lower rear section. Above that is an area with a removable-canvas-awning-roof-type-thing. On a nice day it is rolled back to make it into a garden. It seems to be surrounded by a jungle so it's like being in the country in the middle of the city. Open or covered, it's a beautiful space with a fishpond in the corner. There is also food in Heaven including pasta, salad and soup.
Guli from France. Sent 7 May 2005.
The upper level is covered in winter and uncovered when the weather permits it.
Flat, Logan, Honey and Dude from Germany. Sent 27 Sep 2004.
It's a really pleasant shop that tries to get up to it's name! This includes ashtrays on the toilet (which are nicely clean), as well as a pair of vaporizers for public use (when we where checking them out, the ganja man showed up, explained their use and sponsored bowls of Green Lotus (excellent stuff)). We also tested the White Widow and Santa Maria, all for 7 euros, all very good, as well as the Black Pearl for 10 euros. Tough for a black, but it's a boot to the head! The music was nicely spacy, coke €1,50. They have a cupboard labelled games, just use it like the vaporizers. After the vaporizers, you will also really enjoy the couches! So, all in all, the Heaven 69 is an awesome shop really worth going to. 10 out of 10.
Frenchman from France. Sent 15 Sep 2004.
I visited this place twice in one day, the first time in the morning (there were only 3 persons inside) and at the end of the afternoon when it was full of people. Drinks are not too expensive, food is very enjoyable. The weed is quite good (I didn't try the hash). There is not a large choice but it seems to be quality, and the price is rather reasonable compared with other coffeeshops in Maastricht. The White widows is at 7 € a gram (I saw 10 € a gram elsewhere). So, for me it's one of the best coffeeshops in Maastricht.
Marco from Netherlands. Sent 13 Sep 2004.
A very good shop.
Romano from Belgium. Sent 5 Oct 2003.
A very nice coffeeshop, simple but quite big, nice music and high quality stuff for "blond" shit, the black shit is sweet but too expensive. Weed : Jack Herrer and White Widow are excellent, but I suggest you the "Green Lotus" and "Jack Flash forward". If you go to Maastricht, this coffeeshop is a must.
Alex from Germany. Sent 4 Oct 2003.
I went by bus from Aachen (Aken) Hauptbahnhof (Line420). It takes one hour. I went to Brusselsestraat (from Maastricht Station almost straight) into Heaven 69. You've to go downstairs. On a table you can read a card with "products". I bought 1 g of Super Skunk (7 €) and 2 ready Spliffs-Joints für Deutsche-. One Spliff99 costs 3,50€.