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De Medley

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De Medley
coffee shop De Medley, Groningen, Groningen for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, menu, map, picture
Reviews of De Medley Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Truff Atomic from France. Sent 27 Jun 2012.
Buy and go coffeeshop, nice weed (Afghan is great), not too expensive and they always present you 2 packs for you to choose.
Negative Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 19 Jul 2011.
Strictly buy and go these days. Staffed by scowling people. Too bad was once a comfortable, welcoming shop.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 1 Jan 2006.
One of those longish shops, with a few tables, several barstools, and some comfy couches in the back. Seemed a neighborhood shop, with Arabian Motif. Friendly, not crowded though we stopped by in late morning, heard Dutch and Arabic spoken. One of those shops where there's a dealer booth inside the outer door, and one has to be "buzzed in" to the shop proper (ala Andersom in Utrecht or de OS in Leeuwarden). Purchase included a 5 Euro gram of "Snow White", which did the trick nicely. Music at nice volume. Nice shop.
Positive Review Julian from Germany. Sent 17 Oct 2004.
On our first day in Groningen, we entered this shop first because we needed something to smoke. Cannabis is being dealt through a small hole in a window, right before the shops real entrance. De Medley offers 3 sorts of buds (Snow White, Power Plant) as well as 3 sorts of hash (Medley Special, Zero-Zero). All starting at 5 euros, except the Medley Special which is starting at 10. Snow White and Power Plant are excellent. According to the advice of the dealer, a nice guy, we also bought some Medley Special. That stuff is very strong, so make sure you won't have to move the next 2 hours before smoking it. It was definitely worth the money. We haven't entered the shop, because there was no bong available for smoking.
Positive Review John from USA. Sent 3 Jul 2004.
I'm from California, and we have some pretty good smoke out west, but nothing to compare with the SnowWhiet and the WhiteWidow I get at De Medeley. The folks are cool, and it does feel like the old party rooms we had as kids, but all in all killer smokem!
Positive Review Nikki from Groningen. Sent 26 May 2004.
A bit hard to get in, but they have justice looking over their shoulder all the time. The big cinema next to it is trying to get it closed. They have pot and hash for 5, 10 and 20 euro, joint 2,50. Good stuff, not the best.
Positive Review An American Stoner in Groningen. Sent 15 Nov 2003.
Almost directly across the street from De Vliegende Hollander. Close by the big yellow theater complex. This appears to be a new coffeeshop. You walk into an enclosed lobby area, where you can step up to the window and purchase your wares. You purchase your wares by € amount. €5.-, €10, & €20.- Pot: White Widow, Thai, Afghan, Kristal. Hash: Afghan Black, Nepalese, Red Lebanon One word for the White Widow: coma. There is also a closed glass door leading to the coffeeshop lounge area in back and down half a level. It's quite comfortable, but does have a "basement" feel to it. Which felt weird to me, because I haven't smoked in a basement since I was a teenager. (oh, so many years ago!)