The Other Place

closed coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of The Other Place Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Positive Review Jim From Surrey from UK sent 27 Apr 2021
What a shame that The Other Place closed, I went there first in 1989 and again in 1992 when I stayed in Amsterdam for 3 weeks, 21 days of summertime bliss and The Other Place played a big part in that. I fell in love with the city on that stay, sadly I've not been back since then but I still feel warm from the memories. Me and my group were what you'd call 'bikers' albeit minus our hogs on both visits, we went by coach (train in '89) and the place was our go-to. 4 lads and 4 lasses, none of us romantically involved, just good friends, all in our mid 20s. While probably not the best place to buy, we sure spent a fair bit in there, and many many hours. Motorhead Saturday night, Fleetwood Mac Sunday morning - always accompanied by a fat one. Hard to beat. God, I miss that place. To the owners and customers of The Other Place, I wish you good luck, good health, roll one for me. Peace.
Negative Review Huggie from UK sent 22 Apr 2007
The Other Place has closed.
Negative Review Chas & Tanya from UK sent 7 Feb 2007
We turned up at this biker-looking place around midday and asked the biker-looking barman for a couple of coffees. He just grunted and started to make our drinks very slowly. He then virtually dropped them on the counter in front of us, to which we said thankyou, he then just stared at us with his hand held out. I held out a note which he quickly snatched and then a moment later just dumped my change next to the coffees and walked off. Trying not to get bothered about this we went and sat down and rolled one, during so I noticed everyone in the place looked unhappy. Maybe he'd been really rude to them or maybe they were all having bad days, I don't know. Anyway we won't be returning as there when we return in a couple of weeks, as there are loads better places to go in the area with much better more comfortable interiors and friendlier staff!
Negative Review Jenny from England sent 27 Oct 2006
Me and my fella visited the cafe this summer and found this to be the worst of all the coffeeshops we tested. I ordered a litre of lager, and my boyfriend asked for a coffee. The somewhat menacing barman shouted at us "NO COFFEE!" so he ordered a litre of lager too. Mr bartender scowled, slammed 2 quarter litre glasses on the bar and snatched the money out of my hand. We then intended to skin up, but on appearance of our rolling tin, bar dude waved his hands frantically and shouted "No drugs!" Highly bewildered as to what offence we may have caused, we quickly drained our drinks and left. I will be steering well clear of 'The Other Place' on my return to Amsterdam!
Positive Review Egg and Tash from England sent 19 Mar 2006
This coffee shop was the best I visited there. I found a friendly atmosphere, very laid back and the bar man made the effort to come across and have a good natter with uz and we felt more than welcome, joking about the couple who had just ordered a hot water at the bar {it takes all kinds). The Northern Lights were brilliant. I'd recommend this cafe to anyone who just wants a good atmosphere and smoke.
Positive Review Bran from France visited 10-13 Nov; sent 19 Nov 2005
Just a seat here to have a drink at the bar. They serve beer. Strange blend of people. Menu doesn't charm me, so I take nothing. Waitress was ok. Music was a strange blend too! FM hard rock, and FM rap just after very kitsh ;)) and. very strange with the biker ambiance. A cool place to find a seat (large place) in red light district when all places are full.
Negative Review Chris from UK sent 19 Oct 2005
Barman was very rude, menu was pretty unmemorable. Décor wasn't bad tho.
Positive Review John from USA sent 16 May 2005
Spent a lot of time talking with Milo, who is originally from North Carolina. Great stories and a remarkable blend of people.
Positive Review Hambone from USA sent 5 May 2005
Seeing as how it is smack dab in the middle of the Red Light District, the customers inside were a bit on the shady side, but that was just to my liking. Smoked 6 joints at one time of Mother's Finest with my three buddies, the bartender who was a really cool guy from America years ago, and an old Amsterdam local who we got hammered while he told us stories from old times. Good atmosphere, expensive beer, but had a blast every time. Went there every night I was in town, my second favorite place next to Hill Street Blues.
Positive Review Adrian from Poland sent 16 Apr 2005
When I've been there in August 2001 they use a motorbike engine to serve a beer (I think so but it's can be just my imagination because I had too much too quick) but I had a good time in this place. If you like hardrock music, tattoos, Harley-Davidson and weed you need to visit this place.
Positive Review Jake from USA sent 11 Oct 2004
Maybe it's my white trash upbringing coming out but I inevitably I end up at The Other Place drinking beer and playing pinball. I can't vouch for the weed but the place has got a full bar with pool tables as well as other games. No one has ever had a problem with blazing a fatty bought elsewhere. I'm sure there is as much money in the booze. While it's not overly friendly, I haven't been to too many biker bars that were. They sometimes have a DJ mixing metal tunes and the effect is really cool. If you've never had an opportunity to check out a biker bar, this is as close to authentic as you're going to get, right down to the completely skanky toilet. The only difference is that no self respecting biker bar would play Brian Adams. Seeing a guy in a leather jacket and tattoo's cry into his beer, however, while listening to "Heaven" puts you at ease that at least you won't get your ass kicked. I'll be back there next month, "breaking the law, breaking the law".