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coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd 1998
CoffeeshopAmsterdam Pink Floyd 1998

Pink Floyd

The original name of this shop was Pink Floyd, very much after the band. In those days there was also another Floyd-themed shop in Amsterdam called The Wall.

Pink Floyd was one of my favourite coffeeshops with lots of space, chilled atmosphere and Formula One on TV. The staff soon got bored with playing nothing but Floyd but the music was generally excellent.

Pink Floyd 2000
CoffeeshopAmsterdam Pink Floyd 2000
by Ondrej

Pink Floyd continued into the new century. The logo evolved in that the cool pig in sunglasses also acquired a cape.

Pink Floyd Sign
CoffeeshopAmsterdam Pink Floyd Sign

Dampkring 2

Dampkring 2 in 2008
CoffeeshopAmsterdam Dampkring 2 in 2008

Later in the noughties, Pink Floyd disappeared. The shop was repainted a dull grey-green and renamed Dampkring Amsterdam Coffee, after the original Dampkring in the Spui area of the city.

As I understand it, the original Dampkring was an offshoot of nearby Tweede Kamer. Later, the original Dampkring went its own way but this shop and Tweede Kamer remain connected.

Dampkring 2 by Night
CoffeeshopAmsterdam Dampkring 2 by Night


Around 2018 the shop changed again. This time it became part of the Amsterdam Genetics empire and adopted the ridiculously generic name of CoffeeshopAmsterdam.

Being a stubborn old bloke, I still think of this shop as Pink Floyd.