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Plein 48

coffeeshop Zutphen
Plein 48
coffee shop Plein 48, Zutphen, Gelderland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, menu, map, picture
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Reviews of Plein 48 Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass. Visited November 2017. Sent 8 Jan 2018.
Bit of a dark one providing about 40 seats. Sort of a Buddha theme going on. While it was a relatively clean shop the interior has seen better days obviously, those partly art leather covered seats were worn down particularly. Which still wouldn't be much of a problem if merchandise makes up for it. Sadly not the case it seemed at least on that visit. Weedwise they sold Mix, Smix, Bubble Gum, White Widow (9), Power Plant (8€), Amnesia (11€), Plein Special (12€) and S5 (13€). Regarding hash there was Hia (8€?), Tbisla (10€) and Nepal (12€) on. All pre-packed. Against all of my scepticism I went for a bag of Tbisla which the polite enough Dutch budtender in his fifties recommended which was stale and old and is not recommended. He took his time showing his best wiet which on that opportunity were the hazes; they looked ok enough but not more. Better go to the Zoo for everything instead of here. I realised why this place is called Plein 48 at the moment I left so at least some sort of insight.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 7 Jul 2006.
The shop has been redone since our 04 visit, and is better than ever. Sell by price 5E and up. The regulars here are an interesting crew, friendly and welcoming. (When Mick & Charles say "Strange but nice people in Zutphen" I had to smile and agree. Love this town) Music ranges from uptempo, classic rock, reggae, europop and heard a unique combo of sitar/techno that sent me to Oz bigtime. Thee at 1 E.A top five shop for us, in maybe our favorite town in NL.
Positive Review Mick & Charles from Canada. Sent 23 May 2005.
I haven't seen a place like that before. It is the biggest I've seen! They had live DJs, oldscool, and in the other space it was not too loud, so we smoked some and had a coffee. The weed my mate bought was very strong, so I bought some hash. There was hash from Morocco for 5,= 6,=, 6,50 , 7,=, 8,= and 10,= euro a gram. I bought the 7,= hash, called "Goeie" meaning: "Good". En we smoked a nice joint of Goeie. This was about the last I remember strait. They had also weed different prices. Don't remember too well, was too stoned. We've been there for about 2 hours and it was good! This was the only change I have had to go to this shop or theehouse as they call it. We have seen some other coffeeshops in Holland, but I have seen the best till now, in Zutphen, Plein 48. The location is near a square en not on number 48, strange but nice people in Zutphen.
Positive Review Adrian from Poland. Sent 16 Apr 2005.
It's a great place. It was my first coffeeshop which I've been in year 2001 and 2002. After that time I've been in few coffeeshop in Amsterdam, but the Plein 48 it's much more better than places which I've seen in Amsterdam. If anybody will be in Zutphen "check this out" quiet, comfortable place where you can smoke weed and feel real good.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Visited June 04. Sent 1 Jul 2004.
Zutphen is a real gem of a town, and our favorite shop there was Plein 48. It's located in the heart of the centrum on a short pedestrian street. It's a large L shaped shop with a couple of big communal tables, a comfy couch or two and a few smaller tables. The staff was friendly and helpful. The product very good, with prices about average. The atmosphere was welcoming, music not too loud. Amenities include a fussball table, a big screen TV they rolled down for the EK 04 matches, and a very interesting selection of reading materials including some Nederlands language books on the history of the Netherlands, and a comprehensive guide to smaller towns in the country. I spent a while with those books. Anyway Plein 48 is one of our favorite shops. Definitely recommended.
Positive Review Snaakmans from Netherlands. Sent 29 Jan 2004.
Personally my favorite shop in Zutphen. It looks a bit dark, not too clean and had an atmosphere in which you will feel like being home. The personnel is friendly, the choice you have is the next list of stuff (from the memory):
Weed: K2 6,00; Orange Bud 6,00; White Widow 7,00; Tip Top 6,50; Santa Maria 7,50
Hasj: Puntjes 5,50; Katama 6,00; Goeie 7,00; Hija 8,00
and some other sorts, I can't call them by name at the moment. There's enough to drink, coffee/tea/refreshments like cola/looza (extremely-fruit juice) /red bull/etc. You can buy chips/snickers/mars/etc. There's a footballtable a 'flipperkast' (dunno the exact word in English), enough space to sit down. People are mostly of the time friendly to foreigners. One of the employees had given a very big pipe to some German visitors lately. They have been coughing and puffing the rest of the evening. Papers and tips aren't free anymore because of excessive abuse :( but you can ask them at the counter.