coffeeshop in Vlissingen
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Positive Review Smokeze from Netherlands visited 17 Oct; sent 18 Oct 2021
Bought some Dutch Cali they have on the menu. Mac1: is good smoke, nice flavor. Price was 50€ for 3.5. You get it in a Cali bag. 2nd was Wedding Cake: this 1 is bangin!! A must try, very nice buds, taste is how it should be. This 1 you get in plastic jar. It's overall good shop, coming here in over 20 years, but look what you buy, not every strain is that good here. And if you get served by the blonde lady she is very friendly, already bought other weed, didn't see the sign of the Dutch Cali, asked if I could change, was no problem, I loved it.
Positive Review Jesscass visited Aug 2021; sent 3 Sep 2021
In general a small buy and fly place as polite woman behind the counter explained. One could miss easily too due to again no sign of selling drugs in conservative but lovely enough town of Vlissingen. Gear is sold in bags for 10 and 20 €. Wiet on that visit didn't look inviting to say the least so just skipped that. About eight to be had like Orange Sherbet, Santa Maria, Amnesia and Sweet Cheese. On the other hand we were then shown Heya Gold and 1ste Kwaliteit both supposedly from Morocco which looked way better. About 12-13€ a gram both and also eight products available. The 'First Quality' it was then and while due to ongoing crisis because of damn Covid-19 it was a bit overpriced for what it was but nonetheless would be something I'd like to smoke anytime at home. Lovely piney Moroccan resin and best picked up this stay in town compared to the Aarden!
Negative Review Loco Jones from Canada sent 19 Apr 2017
Visiting in 2017 - looks like the dreaded Weedpass is still being strictly enforced, and the woman running this place was quite bitchy to an obvious tourist (my Canada hoodie was a giveaway I guess) when I dropped by to check out the place. Not even going to bother with the one other coffeeshop I know of, namely Aarden, since I'm likely to encounter a similar situation. Why does Vlissingen hate tourists? I mean it's a pretty enough place in the southern province (off the beaten path as it is), but there's really not a whole hell of a lot to offer visitors of the toking persuasion. Yeah, yeah, I know, "weedpass", bite my ass. Seriously, Purple should put a goddamn sign in the window: tourists go home! Anyone planning to visit should stock up in the much more civilized Amsterdam before making the journey. AFAIK, they aren't busting tourists for smoking the shit here. Yet. And then they should never journey here again.
Neutral Review Basti from Germany sent 31 Dec 2011
Update: Some years ago they installed camera observation on every fuckin angle inside, creating a sense of big brother all over the place. By far the biggest choice of varieties in Vlissingen but highest prices and worst place to hang around.
Positive Review Hedonica from Germany sent 18 Sep 2010
As a typical "cash-and-carry" client who just likes to enjoy a good smoke in private atmosphere I can't tell you anything about the quality of food or beverage you get served in that place. If you just want to buy something, you needn't mix with the other guests because the "counter" is just a few meters beside the entrance. The quality of hash you get there is superior. The prices are quite expensive, but it's worth the money if you're not somebody who just wants to get stoned as cheap as possible but prefers to enjoy a prime quality "mind blower". My recommendation: the ice hash! (They don't offer it all the times.) Of course they offer also a lot of other stuff in lower price ranges. I've been here for about 20 times during the last years and Purple became to my favourite coffee-shop in the Netherlands for prime quality hash and weed. Their service is very polite and helps you with competent advice. (And - just by the way - she's one of the most beautiful ladies I've ever seen in my life. Even my wife says so.) A very good recommendation for someone who considers quality more than cheapness.
Positive Review Mental.be from Belgium sent 6 May 2010
Very nice place! Very good space cake, good Purple Haze. I like the atmosphere in the shop, it's like you are in a normal pub, just drinking and smoking weed.
Positive Review Svstoned from Belgium sent 11 Sep 2008
If you don't mind spending a lot of money for your weed you won't mind spending it in the Purple. The only place in Vlissingen that has an excellent choice of weeds, they usually change their stock once a week with at least 3 new kinds of weeds. All their weeds are excellent and they have the best weeds in whole Vlissingen, the downside of it is that it also costs a lot more than in the Aarden or the Home. Keep in mind that you can also buy weed here that isn't as expensive as the rest but those weeds are usually some leftovers mixed together still worth your money though. I usually go to the Purple to get some grade A Haze. Since 1 January 2008 you are no longer allowed to smoke any kind of substance in the Purple, not even on the terrace (which they had renewed 2 weeks ago), however they didn't enforce this rule until about a month ago. I don't know why they enforce this rule because the Purple is a coffeeshop, but when I asked the lady behind the counter she said the Purple belongs in the catering industry. Don't worry you can still freely smoke your herb in the Aarden or the Home, even though you are not allowed to use tobacco according to the law the owners of the shop won't say anything about it, just make sure you clean up when you leave. The only thing I don't like about the Purple (excl the fact that you aren't allowed to smoke anymore in there) is that the friendly lady behind the counter always rushes up to you without giving you a second to choose your weeds (since they always have new kinds of weeds you can't come in and say ah I need that weed, you always look at the board to see what's new) and if you say you want a minute to choose your weeds she rushes off and sometimes stays away for much too long. Just hope there is a line of people infront of you so you can choose without stressing too much :p Weeds they might have in stock: Buddha haze (this is actually a rip off, up until now I have yet to meet a person that liked the weed, not necessarily the weed but the weed that comes from the Purple), Buddha cheese (good weed, tastes a bit like cheese, if you believe in it), Silver Crystal Haze (A very very very good weed, if you're looking for a haze weed, don't doubt a second, actually the best weed ever I bought in the Purple, Triple Haze being second), Haze, Triple Haze, NL haze (can vary, sometimes it has a strong taste other times it's hard to notice your smoking haze, nonetheless kicks quite a pack, but not as good as SCH or TP), NLX (good weed, a bit pricey though it's the same quality as the weeds in the Aarden, as I said before you, Silver Shiva, NL mix, Sterremix, Silver Snake, White Widow, Northernlights, Noorderlicht (different that Northernlights, this is a mix of weeds) And so much more but I can't think of any others right now you'll have to see for yourself. They also sell hasjisj, enough choice.
Positive Review Bruno from Belgium sent 3 Jul 2008
I bought 5 grams of Super Haze there a few weeks ago, pretty expensive ofcourse, but it was definitely worth it. The smell and taste were amazing. I could've been served better (a smile wouldn't hurt) but she wasn't mean either. The spacecake was also very decent. There isn't as much room as there is in High Life in Goes but overall it's a nice shop and I like(d) going there every time.
Negative Review Hornet from Belgium sent 4 May 2008
Expensive & got the worst weed ever. They should be ashamed to sell this crap. To avoid at all costs!
Positive Review Basti from Germany sent 16 Jan 2007
You should try their ice joints. It's the strongest dope on this planet and I think it's worth the 7€ they ask for one of those joints. There is no bulk sale on their highest grades so you have to buy pre-rolled joints.
Positive Review Dany from Belgium sent 31 Mar 2006
For a romantic weekend. Lots of selection and a great buzz about the place.
Positive Review Zoukoulou from France sent 30 Jan 2006
Good choice and good smoke. Just one thing: sometimes (it depends on who's at the bar) the music is too loud. Friendly staff.
Positive Review Joy from Netherlands sent 28 Dec 2004
Excellent shop, try the spacecake.
Positive Review James from Netherlands sent 26 Aug 2004
Very good menu, customers are a little older than the average coffeeshop visitor (which is great), relaxed atmosphere. The barlady didn't know what a chillum was, however.
Positive Review Ash from Germany sent 10 May 2004
I prefer the Purple Coffee Shop in Vlissingen, it's bigger and they have more than at Aarden.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 8 Jan 2004
Busy, nice courtyard out back, strong product.
Positive Review Aaron from UK sent 16 Mar 2002
Nearest place to Middleburg worth the travel.