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De Schavuit

coffeeshop Groningen
De Schavuit
coffee shop De Schavuit, Groningen, Groningen for cannabis with address, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Positive Review Jesscass. Visited November 2018. Sent 9 Dec 2018.
Small new shop around since more than a year here. First impression is a mix of modern and old interior, looked like a Moroccan theme. About twenty small but comfy seats at a higher level at the back of the shop available. Around ten options on the weed menu which I remember two for 12,5€/g, Atomic Haze (12,5€/g), Green Poison (12€/g), Girl Scout Cookies Outdoor (7,5€/g), Zkittelz (12€/g), Cherry Blossom (11€/g), one Kush (???) and one just hilariously named 'Best Deal' (10€/g). Looked at most of the tubs and it more or less looked poor so better go for the hashish here. Which were one from Nepal (12€/g), Gardella Lemon (12€/g), Gardella Blueberry (12€/g), Gardella 24K (12€/g), Tangerine Gold (11€/g), Zero Zero (6€/g) and Mafia Light (sp, 6€/g) which all looked much better than the weed on offer. Purchased Tangerine Gold and found it to be a proper classic blonde from Morocco despite the fancy name, nice one! Recommended if you're after hashish.