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Sensi Smile

coffeeshop Rotterdam
Sensi Smile
coffee shop Sensi Smile, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, menu, map, picture
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Reviews of Sensi Smile Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Marc from UK. (living Rot) Sent 9 Jun 2011.
Very small shop, one table covered in magazines with a few chairs and the bud-tender sat behind what looks like a bullet-proof enclosure. Everything is pre-weighed, off-site as well by the looks of the bags, settled for 2 grams of bio-skunk for 15 € . Smelly stuff that hits behind the eyes and makes everything take a lot longer. Really a buy and go place dressed up as a coffee shop, so 6/10.
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil. Sent 17 Mar 2009.
It is a nice shop with just one table with some magazines (all in Dutch). The budtender is behind a glass wall like the cashier in your local bank but friendly. I was hoping to find all the classics from Sensi Seeds (like Black Domina) but just Super Skunk and NL#5 from Sensi Seeds and other kind of weed and hash All the bags are pre-sealed so you can't check the weed/hash properly, good price though. I bought 1.8g of NL#5 for 15 Euros.
Positive Review Aloïs from France. Sent 26 Jan 2008.
Natural Weed. Not so strong. Buiten skunk isn't bad (1.6g for 6€). And a lot of seeds. Not the best one but you have to visit this one.
Positive Review Andy After Party from USA. Sent 9 Jan 2007.
Fine weed that is really close to Centraal Station. Six varieties. Be sure to check out the Silver Pearl (30 euros 5 gram max). Beautiful high. Good skunk as well. Only one table, but the shop is more for grab and go, perfect to hit before you board the train (or after). I couldn't get the Temple Ball hash, though.
Positive Review Oldnellynels from UK. Sent 16 Oct 2005.
What the locals nicknamed the other smaller Sensi Seed shop, 'the postbox', true to its name u walked in and scored right in front of you, tiny place maan, tiny. There was about 12 different varieties, very cheap too reasonably priced, all round good value really, service was quick and smiley. Do try outside of Amsterdam where the deals are so much better and there isn't any quality difference.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands. Sent 26 Jun 2005.
Has the Temple Ball hash 12 euros two grams, you have to ask for it by name as it is not on the menu. The weed is still a great variety at least 6 different types, the Northern lights 2 grams €11.40 is a great value for the quality.
Positive Review The Dude from UK. Sent 19 Aug 2004.
A tiny little shop that looks more like a cafe from the UK with a friendly stoned guy at the back behind a plastic window selling the weed, it's scruffy, but the quality is top dog, that's if you like trippy gear, the price is excellent too, Super Skunk, Silver Pearl, Jack Flash, Afgan hash all fresh, a couple of puffs and I was zonked man, I don't know how I made it back to the hotel.