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Wall Street

coffeeshop Maastricht
Wall Street
coffee shop Wall Street, Maastricht, Limburg for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of Wall Street Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany. Sent 9 Oct 2006.
It's closed at the moment. The dealer of the "Easy Going" told us that they were closed by the police - at the door of "Wall Street" is an info about the closing for redecoration.
Negative Review Palle from Sweden. Sent 1 Sep 2006.
Permanently closed!
Neutral Review Ton from Netherlands. Sent 13 Feb 2006.
The local newspaper said the Wall has to close within a few weeks. So if you would like to go there, you'd better hurry! They have a big variety of soft drugs, but it's not very cheap. Once I came outside and a group of Germans where angry because they found it so expensive. I could hear one man say "Scheiß teuer" (Fucking expensive).
Positive Review Guli from France. Sent 7 May 2005.
You can buy hash, but if you want to stay, you have to drink because it is crowded.
Positive Review DM from Belgium. Sent 23 Feb 2005.
The Wall Street is a great but crowded coffeeshop. Every time I'm stoned and enter the shop I get a bit paranoid. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of small stairs and lights, TVs everywhere. They have a big offer in weed, but it's no place to buy quality weed around 6€. Although if you want to spend from 8€-12€ they have a great offer high quality weed and hash. I once bought Purple Haze at 10€ there and it was the best weed I've ever smoked. Since then they had it unfortunately never again when I passed by.
Positive Review Jelle from Belgium. Sent 25 Aug 2004.
This is my second coffeeshop I ever went in (my first in Maastricht) you have the biggest choice of weed and hash, you can't chose you just want it all, I never smoked one in there but it's quiet relax: Snowball, Blow Queen, Edelweise, White Widow, NLX, just to much to write man
Positive Review Chris from USA. Sent 6 Aug 2004.
I will never forget this place it is a stoner fantasy come true. The selection was incredible. The menu had selections starting at 100% THC like the South African Durban Poison to 20% THC which was Colombian joint weed. I tried a few different varieties here is the list: - The South African Durban Poison: Gold bud, perfectly cured one hit wonder herb the finest I have ever smoked in my life. I was so happy I went outside of Amsterdam and found Wall Street. Organic Purple Haze: Fantastic strain real deep rich flavor kind of fruity but not as smooth as the one mentioned above and super stoney as well. This bud took 3rd place on my whole trip. California Big Bud: This was around 45% THC and the bud had a smooth taste not harsh on the throat. The high was as good as any bud I encountered in the states and the taste was amazing. Like I said easy on the throat need I say more.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA. Sent 11 Jan 2004.
Friendly, roomy, comfortable, good stuff, good price, not too loud.
Neutral Review Michael from Austria. Sent 16 Nov 2003.
The Wall Street is very crowded, very big menu with many good strains. The music forced me to leave the shop immediately. Rating: okay
Positive Review Cobus from Netherlands. Sent 20 Sep 2003.
It's a beautiful and luxurious place where I come often to sit and relax or sometimes I only get some stuff and smoke it at home. At the entrance there are small western doors (you know those little clap-things). On the right side, when you come in, are some tables and chairs, and a few benches. At the left of you there are also some chairs and tables (very relaxing one). The floor has a non-slip industrial metal surface. In the right corner there is a big bar where you can order almost everything, and also here you can sit down and relax. When you pass the bar you go through a door opening and stand in a hall, there is also the entrance for the toilet. Most of the time you must wait here for getting the good shit because this is a very good shop..(and busy shop). The next room is where you can get your stuff, there are 2 windows where you can get the weed and hash and cake and roll joints and more......they have (what I think, but I do not know for sure) over 40 maybe 50 sorts of grass etc....The best weed you can get there is "Super Magic Haze", it is a little bit expensive but it's the best weed you can get in Maastricht. When you really wanna get high you must smoke that shit but be careful it's really strong and it taste even better haha...sometimes I'll take that one but not often because it's me also too strong..(you know what I mean)..