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Rick's Coffeeshop

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Rick's Coffeeshop
coffee shop Rick's Coffeeshop, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Rick's Coffeeshop Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Negative Review Sidharth. Sent 5 Apr 2018.
Pretty bad. The guy with the pony tail at the selling counter was a complete jerk and got no chill. He erupted over nothing and started talking like an angry dimwit. I presume he was drunk or something. A man cannot be stoned and so pissed. Spoiled my and my friend's trip completely.
Negative Review NT from England. Sent 16 Mar 2017.
3rd time in Amsterdam and thought I'd check out Ricks coffeeshop with my girlfriend. The guy with the pony tail who served us is the most rude prick I've ever met in my whole life. Definitely would not recommend this place purely because of him and the place itself is dirty.
Positive Review Landis from USA. Sent 19 Aug 2016.
I first visited it on my 40th birthday in 1997; I have only missed one year since then. Another year they were closed for renovations but they are back and better than ever. It is a fabulous location and the Budtenders (Martin & Jimmy) are exceptional. I am from the USA and prefer the hash to the weed; Red Lebanese when it is available. Damn War! I brought Martin a couple of Peace Pipes because I feel so much at peace when I am chillin' by the canal in front of Rick's! Check it out; if I see you I'll buy you a beer or a toke; Enjoy!
Negative Review El Maestro from Austria. Sent 3 Sep 2011.
The most rancid coffeshop I've ever been to. Just wanted to have a quick smoke but I couldn't finish it because the atmosphere was just too scary. Didn't look too bad from the outside but after sitting there for 5 minutes I just had to leave because they turned on really disturbing music and the staff's behaviour with smoking pot reminded me a bit of junkies on the metro. Stay away at all cost!
Negative Review Dambuster from UK. Sent 2 Dec 2008.
This was my second visit (last visit Feb. 08) and only a flying one as we wanted to pick up a few pre rolled joints to take next door to Ricks Cafe. We was very disappointed to find they didn't sell prerolled joints and when we asked they refused to do us any so we left immediately!
Positive Review Dambuster from UK. Visited Feb 08. Sent 4 Mar 2008.
Visited Ricks Coffeeshop which opened next door to Ricks Cafe. Loved it! Had a live DJ playing a selection of hip hop and r'n'b and i was surprised that it was also the DJ you see to buy your weed. All the staff here were polite and quite helpful. Also had a large selection of free Rizla on offer. Plenty of seating made our visit here comfortable. I'm looking forward to going back!
Positive Review Deepblue222. Sent 2 Jan 2008.
It's great to go back to the place I rolled the first with the help of 'that girl' working there at the time, who went on to show me a great and memorable 2 weeks. So 15 (ish) years on and although the decor had changed a lot, it still has the atmosphere (no pun intended) that I remember way way back. Great to visit and be able to reminisce where those fantastic 14 days started.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK. Sent 29 Jan 2007.
Been using this place a lot since we first popped in a year or so ago. Not much to look at from the outside, but inside it is a cosy little bar, nice music playing and is an ideal place to sit in the window and watch life go by. Bar staff are very nice and helpful, prices are on par with elsewhere. The dealer is a real nice chap, never seen this guy before but he really takes the time to go through the menu with you if you are unsure. We opted for the White Rhino and some Creme Morroc, not much I can say apart from this place still is a great place to chill.
Positive Review Ben from USA. Sent 18 Jul 2006.
Same proprietor as Rick's, Wild Style is more of a group party atmosphere. They are patient and very helpful when it comes to giving you the full info on their selection. The chap there will let you examine, smell and describe to you what your experience may be! Pricing is very reasonable and it's the real deal. No lawn clippings! Also you can enjoy your favorite beverage to wash it down with. And the DJ may even take a request, if he has it and is not too ridiculous!
Positive Review Elliot from UK. Sent 15 May 2006.
To be honest from the outside it doesn't look like a very good place to visit but don't let that put you off. When we entered a nice girl welcomed us and asked if we wanted any drinks. After a few sips of my beer I wandered over to the dealer booth and was greeted by a happy Dutchman who showed us his menu, as I scanned the menu he let me see and smell everything before I bought which was nice he also asked what types I like and made suggestions I stood talking for a while before deciding on 1g of Super Skunk 1g of Shiva Shanti and 2g of Zahara hash all of which were very potent and gave an incredible stone! I was very happy and returned the next day and started all over again.
Positive Review The Blonde and her Man from USA. Sent 17 Apr 2005.
It is a great shop with good herbs and the atmosphere redefines A-Dam's night life. We bought some shirts and wear them very frequently. To anyone headed to The Netherlands, Wild Style is a must see.
Positive Review Grumpy from UK. Sent 3 Oct 2004.
Two minutes from Dam square, narrow dimly lit cafe but has a nice feel to it, not too noisy not too quiet. The prices are some of the better I have seen, ranging from 6 euros up to 9.50, with some really good stuff. K2 and Afghan Widow are two I would recommend, same stuff was selling a few doors away for 2 euros more. Guy selling stuff was helpful and chatty, pointing out what he thought was the best and the moment. Bar staff, only one on at nites and she can be very busy, so have patience. The young Thai girl is a knockout, and the other two girls on at other nites are honeys! Grab the window seat if you can and do some people watching, it can get busy during the day and early evening, and we tended to go in 9.30 pm onwards. They serve the usual drinks that you would expect, my missus recommends the hot choc, I recommend their coffee! A nice friendly bar, helpful staff, and a nice place we found to chill at the end of the night.