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Post by Lemming »

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ACD pages: Centrum, Namaste, Tolstraat and Lounge (formerly Blue Velvet)
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Post by lctricity »

Honestly this one is a tough call as to whether or not they get a thumbs up. Given the fact there are (3) locations makes it even tougher. In the end I voted "Thumbs Up".

There's been a lot of controversy about the Greenhouse and High Times setting up a certain outcome in regards to Cannabis Cup victories over the last few years, but they do have some decent gear.

On the other hand the service at Greenhouse Centrum was shite last time I went there. So bad I passed on the purchase and grabbed a tea instead while enjoying the view outside and smoking some NYC Diesel from Dampkring.

Perhaps if they could get their service together things would be better. Prices aren't the greatest but shops themselves have potential, alebit they're a bit small.

I wouldn't say "stay away" by any means.

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Post by scooberu »

has anyone got some directions to the greenhouse on tolstraat?
have heard its the best of the lot. I've been to the centrum before to find barstaff with faces like spanked arses. they generaly have good weed but has anyone tried the weed they sell in small plastic boxs? mine was old man

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Post by Lemming »

Tolstraat directions on the ACD page:

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Post by sonicblue »

the one in centurm was not to my taste - too much like a bar. it was crowded and noisey during my visit.

the one on tolstraat i've been to several times which has a lounge atmosphere. it's like hanging out in someone's living room. mellow and casual. the same guy was the bud man during each visit and knew his gear well.
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Post by pad »

great shop in tolstraat... try the arjan haze & the super silvel haze !!!
jul, kev, stev from france

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Post by Boner »

I've been to the Namaste one twice first time I just picked some Mango Haze which was well tasty but that was ages ago more recently I had some Hawaian Snow and Great White Shark both were too wet and my J's wouldn't stay alight so i voted Nay!!!
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Post by commie »

This was a tough call. I mean what is to not "like" the greenhouse? The gear is quite good, but not as earthshakingly good as the cup would have you believe. The RLD one bugs me--its like a seedy bar with a long line for everything. I used to like tolstraat, but even that one is less friendly now.....

But I still always go. I gripe about the prices and lines--but the weed brings me back. Of course, if there was one in town I'd be there now.

In the end I voted "no" because they are over-rated, not because they were to be avoided at all costs or anything.....
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Post by pad »

I speak to greenhouse tolstraat witch is one on my favorite a'dam south side coffeeshop !

which pleasure of being able to drink a good beer in a comfortable settee & smoking a good joint. It is the third time that I goes there and their always had a good advice & are friendly with us. I am disapointed cause they didn't have any more Arjan Haze. :cry:

But with got our revenge with their other strains Hawaian snow (10€ per g) is perfect & i really like all we smoke like silver pearl, neville Haze.

If you could have a stop in the south side do not hesitate ! :D
jul, kev, stev from france

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Post by upahill_chris »

Another past favourite.

Still really friendly and well decorated but it's buds aren't what they used to be. Still worth a visit as it's buds are better than most of it's nearby competitors.

Haven't been that impressed with their buds since they grew the El Nino quite a few years back.

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Post by Lafe »

We made Tolstraat our first stop on 31 Dec and got hammered. The Arjan's #2, as well as Neville's are both first rate.

Their current NY Diesel is tasty as well. I couldn't make it by Hunter's per Bushdocter's recommedation. Can't imagine it being much better than the Greenhouse offering. Then again..... :-)

Tolstraat is one of my favorite hangouts. Great gear and chilled, on the south side. Very nice. Beer is always a plus.

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Post by ScottPhree »

On my last visit to A'dam I walked right by Soma just before hitting Damkring for some of his NYC Diesel. This trip I walked right by Arjan just before I got some of the excellant Arjan's Ultra Haze II at Green House Centrum. "Wow! Its deep man." Very nice shop, great weed, but like Dampkring, the self-promoting photos of celebs on the wall kind of bug me.

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Post by Valo »

Pleasantly suprised with the Greenhouse Centrum (near the main RLD) as we nearly didn't go in due to the packed crowd. All the table were taken and there was little standing room but as I was about to decide a trip elsewhere two seats opened up on the big table by the bar and my friend and I sat with some local Dutch guys talking football for nearly an hour.

Didn't make a purchase here (although my friend said the Hawaiian Snow was a nice smoke) but the atmosphere was quite lively, being a Saturday night and I had a good time with a couple of beers.
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it was ok

Post by lanalana »

we ordered a beer and a coffee. The coffee came half filled in an already tiny cup and the beer had a massive foam head on it. As for the king hussain pom we smoked it was sweet but a bit of a mingy deal. I liked the decor on the tables with the little crystal ball things and the big mad lampshades. The dealer was really nice and helpful.

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Post by Doog »

I have to say that I liked the Greenhouse Centrum shop very much. It was a little crowded like other people have said but there was plenty of seating and tables outside and the draught beer was also of a very high quality.

The Silver Pearl 6.60E/1G was my favourite smoke of the trip. Just roll one up then smoke it down and drift away. Marvellous.

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