Gorilla Blue

Strain Info
Weed or Hash
Average Price
€15.00 per gram
Seen on these menus
€/gram Pack Date Coffeeshop What they say

Leafly says
Leafly Gorilla Blue is hybrid
WikiLeaf says
WikiLeaf Gorilla Blue is 0% Hybrid
AllBud says
AllBud Gorilla Blue is 50/50 Hybrid
All agree on Hybrid
According to THC CBD CBG CBN
Leafly 20% 0%
WikiLeaf 24% 0%
AllBud 24%
Summary 20.00% to 24.00% 0.00%

For the purposes of this database
  Weed (wiet) means cannabis flowers (buds, marijuana) in unprocessed form.
  Hash (hasj) means any kind of extract or concentrate including hashish, wax, shatter, rosin and so on.