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Reviews of Barney's Coffeeshop Number of Positive Reviews 86 Number of Neutral Reviews 10 Number of Negative Reviews 10
Positive Review Sam from Wales sent 25 Mar 2017
My first stop off for the second time in the 'Dam last Friday. 1g Lib Haze and 1g Blue Cheese. Lib Haze nice, just like in 2012, but Cheese was average.
Positive Review Hashemite from USA sent 16 Jul 2013
This spot is the best of all I have been in. The crowd is the coolest. The staff is the coolest. The hash and weed is out of this world. Here they have very strong, about almost out of your mind weed and hash. I have never tried the food so no comment. Great location too! Loved it! I just buy the cup winners. High guaranteed.
Positive Review Sam from Wales sent 26 Feb 2013
Good weed n good size shop.
Positive Review Delboy from Ireland visited 28/3/2011; sent 1 Apr 2011
What else is there to say about this place? It's the place to be in Amsterdam, best weed menu - be sure to smoke the Blue Cheese, beautiful! Friendly staff and efficient, always a steady flow off people coming and goin. Grab a seat if there is 1! Only downside to this place, stay away from the muffins, overpriced at 7.50 for .2 of a gram!
Positive Review Half-Pickled-Turnip from UK sent 17 Jan 2011
Loved this place! Really friendly people here! Happy for you to inspect the weed under scope, smell it etc. Bought Pinapple Chunk here I'd rate it 4 but my bf says 3.8. Would be 4 but was slightly over cured! Talk about perfectionist lol! Tangerine Dream (CannabisCup winner 2010) 4.5 Nice heavy and tangeriney! Very nice (still prefer the cheese though!) Volcanoes on every table too :D
Positive Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
Expensive, but best coffeeshop ever. Best quality ever. Everyone with cash and wants to smoke real bad go to that place everyday! Had the Vanilla Kush, totally worth it (Cannabis Cup winner 2008) and G13 Haze, man that stuff blows ur mind!
Positive Review TheNewSchmoo from USA sent 7 Dec 2010
Barney's is pricey and perpetually crowded, but they have a great selection and some nice amenities. I would suggest making use of their Volcanoes because it really stretches your weed, so you get the best bang for your buck. The menu of food (particularly the shakes) is a major plus.
Negative Review DL from UK sent 4 Oct 2010
Laughing Budda worst weed of my trip. Supposed to be the best in the Dam. Total rubbish. Very disappointed!
Positive Review Koalabravo from Australia sent 3 Feb 2010
On our latest visit to Amsterdam my girlfriend and I were determined to try a vaporiser. We spent a couple of hours walking around town only to be told by shop after shop that theirs were either broken or had been stolen. Finally we landed at Barney's and were blown away to see a Volcano vaporiser on every table! When we explained that we were vaporiser virgins, the staff were only too happy to show us how it was done and recommend the right choice of weed. We smoke very rarely these days so we just wanted something mellow and the Laughing Buddha they recommended hit the spot perfectly. Yes they're a bit pricey but this place is the gold standard for Amsterdam coffeeshops. And their hot chocolate is first rate too!
Positive Review Jason from USA sent 2 Jul 2009
Nice shop. More professional feeling than most shops, meaning it is definitely a business to make money. Good weed, comes in nice little baggies with labels. Bit pricey, what can ya do, Amsterdam is expensive for stoners.
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil sent 17 Mar 2009
I loved Blue Cheese and Red Dragon, very tasty indicas, the Utopia Haze was really nice but 55 Euros for 1 gram of Royal Jelly was a proper rip off.
Neutral Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
Tried a g of the Crimea Blue @ 13/eu. Barneys always has top notch gear, but it seems to have become way too overcrowded for a peaceful smoke. They also asked my brother to remove his hat - why?
Negative Review Paul B from UK sent 10 May 2008
Hugely disappointed! Hugely! Bought Sweet Tooth and Red Cherry Berry both of which tasted exactly the same, of hairspray! And the arrogant young dealer behind the counter refused me a refund and told me that in his opinion it was the best in Amsterdam. He was about 13 years old.
Neutral Review Matt from USA sent 8 Jan 2008
No longer serves breakfast! :( There is a new place, Barney's Uptown, which serves food. The Brasserie is also closed (being renovated, maybe). To the grass: prettiest buds I saw on this trip, and prices to match. Of the 15 items on the menu, only the White Widow was under 10 euro. I tried the Crimea Blue 10 euro and the Red Cherry Berry 11 euro, I liked the Red Cherry more. I noticed they give a price discount if you buy 3 or 5 grams, haven't noticed that before. Given their prices they should!
Positive Review Spliffi from Norway sent 5 Jul 2007
Excellent menu as always, but a little bit over-priced. But their stuff is always prima. Tried the Barneys Rubble, what a trip :) a must smoke for experienced smoker. Try also the Honey Bea, and G-13.
Neutral Review PK from England sent 1 Jul 2007
Upon arrival it seemed a nice place, nice atmosphere, and great smelling bud. I got myself a bag of Willie Nelson only to realize that the place was full. The lady kindly asked me to go to the one next door, so we did. That is when things went ugly. The woman at this Barneys was very rude, short and bitchy. Long story short she took forever, and our food was cold. So I give the place 5/5. The weed is ace. The service however is not what you would expect from the same people that produce award-winning cannabis.
Positive Review Anon. sent 31 Mar 2007
First stop at 7:10 am, bought a gram of the G13-Haze, well worth it as it was a nice high to start the morning with.
Positive Review Chris from UK sent 31 Mar 2007
Bought 3gm of Manala Charas which was the best hash that I had all trip, really oily and spicy, very nice. Prices a little high. 8.5/10
Positive Review James from UK sent 17 Mar 2007
Visited both the restaurant and coffeeshop nearly every day on my visit this week and wow are these guys busy. They got me my food when they said they would, half an hour wait regardless, hot, tasty and with smiles and their G13 Haze was by far my toke of the trip - great sativa. I forget exact price but at about 13 euros for a gram you're probably thinking that's expensive, hell the foods expensive, maybes a little too much so but as for the G13 - trust me it's worth it.
Positive Review Momitos from Spain sent 3 Dec 2006
We bought 1g Sweet Tooth for 15 Euros, and was the best weed we try, sit there and stay during +2 hours hanging on, and we needed to take a taxi after that (we didn't know where we were). Really "dreaming" experience.
Negative Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
We went here to see the Malana Charas, a friend told us about. The dealer pushed us to buy it by saying that the Malana C. had a superior quality at the moment. It looked and smelled very nice, and the dealer induced us to buy, so we bought a g for 17€. This was our worst buying in A'dam this summer. I would say, this hash is inadvisable (not because of its quality but in relation to other stuff we bought it is extremely overpriced)!
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 30-June 7; sent 18 Jul 2006
Crowded these days, but great menu! The "Willie Nelson" at 12 euros a gram was to me really just average, but the "Caramella Cream" (16 euro a gram) award winning hasj was excellent! They also had an item not on the menu, "OG Kush" that was an amazing Indica, and for only 11 euro a gram. A bit of advice; always ask the budtender if they have anything that isn't on the menu, or for a special. Items not on the menu are often new strains or so limited in availability that they never make it on the menu. Specials are usually buds that are quickly reaching their "Sell By" date, like at the grocery store, but sometimes they have great deals. I had great service, an awesome breakfast, and even though very crowded, a very relaxing time. Also must trys, "Laughing Buddah" and "Morning Glory." Also check for the new Barney's to re-open just south of the Rembrandtplein.
Negative Review Tyler H from USA sent 16 Jun 2006
Brought some smoke and it was alright but overpriced. Man working there was very rude and unfriendly not to mention unhelpful. Website also advertises false times for the breakfast which end at 4pm and the breakfast itself is 23 euros. Don't waste you're time reading the positive reviews as these people have no idea what is going on in real life.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
I taste the new weed "Red Congolese" (3 gr 32 €) it's a great Indica with a long turn and very smooth fruity taste.
Positive Review Scouse Smoker from England sent 18 May 2006
When I went the weed was best in the Dam, Laughing Budda in the morning then Amnesia in the night, very busy and a bit Americanised quite expensive but worth it. In desperate need of hash browns with full english.
Positive Review Beth from USA sent 15 Mar 2006
The English breakfast may be a bit expensive, but worth it. The best food I had in Amsterdam, and some really nice smoke. The people are nice, but watch out: it gets crowded fast. Very laid back.
Negative Review Dave an Rach from UK sent 2 Mar 2006
Don't believe the hype not as good as people say I got the Willie Nelson cup winner or somethin put the whole gram in a fat 1 and thought 2 myself this is the worst I've had here in the dam. Lack of flavour, high wasn't worth it either.
Positive Review Bubbalicious and JP from Canada visited 18/04/05; sent 22 Feb 2006
Wheelchair Accessibility: 2 steps down at door. Door a little narrow but not a big deal. We got the chair down. Staff was great. Helped us to get out. We got 1 G amnesia haze 11.50 E (7/10) 1G Laughing Buddah 11E (6.75/10) 1G Nepali Temple Ball 14E (7.5/10) very exotic hash, beautiful stuff. Again, staff at Barneys have been great every time I have been there.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 21 Feb 2006
Went there in the morning when it wasn't too crowded in there. I asked the friendly seller for a real tasty weed. He recommended me the "Love Potion No1". That stuff is really nice it smells and tastes really fruity. But €11,50 per gram wasn't really cheap.
Neutral Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
This place is from morning to night overfilled.
Negative Review Miser from Germany sent 13 Dec 2005
Been there in 2002, 2004 and 2005. As it comes to weed, this shop is a joke. Morning Glory was average, Lavender was bullshit, NYC Diesel is nothing compared to the one Greenhouse sells (though it isn't top notch there, too) and their famous Willie Nelson (11 €/g) was as effective and tasty like parsley. Shame on those layman growers. Derry once said he'd have the best weed in town. If this is the case, Amsterdam will never see me again. The only gear I recommend in this shop is the imported Caramello Cream(14€/g). Never seen as much oil in soft hash. All other hashes are way too expensive (particularly the ice-o-lator at 45 €/g really can't compete with the Amnesia Ice at 19 €/g). Final conclusion: Don't believe the hype!
Positive Review John sent 29 Oct 2005
Good selection of hash but they had no Laughing Buddha, no Barney Rubble and the guy behind the counter advised us not to buy the Helter Skelter as it wasn't up to much. One big piece of advice for anyone wanting to visit the Dam, make sure you don't visit 1month before Cannabis Cup as everyone is holding back/curing their wares for the big day.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
Still serving a nice breakfast, first place I go to from the airport. This autumn try the "Mexican Haze" and "Lavender," both at 9 euro a gm., also the "Hawaiian Haze" is amazing!
Positive Review Ross from USA visited Aug 23-30; sent 8 Oct 2005
One of my top 3 favorite coffeeshops that I visited in my 7 night stay in Amsterdam. The menu selection is huge, and the dealer was helpful and friendly. Although they no longer serve food here, I still enjoyed hanging out at one of the comfortable tables, and smoking a fat bowl of Hawaian Haze.
Positive Review Allan from Scotland sent 2 Aug 2005
Excellent gear, if I'm on a coffeeshop crawl this is the best starting point.
Positive Review Yank from USA visited 9 July; sent 9 Jul 2005
Caramels Cream, very yummy, good breakfast, not impressed with bacon though, friendly, and can wait on breakfast if the gear bar is busy.
Positive Review Jim and Sonja from UK sent 19 Jun 2005
We recently spent our honeymoon in the dam and spent many a morning sitting in Barney's enjoying a full breakfast and a good spliff. The Laughing Budha had us pissing ourselves.
Positive Review J.W. from USA visited 05-12-05; sent 28 May 2005
First shop we hit right off the plane. My wife's very first coffee shop ever. My first since 1992. Barney's is small but, the best shop we visited (and we hit a lot) staff was very friendly and breakfast was very good. Tried the Mekong and Amnesia Haze (2 trips).
Positive Review Mike Z from USA visited April 05; sent 27 Apr 2005
Excellent, with an outstanding selection of grass and tar like hash.
Positive Review Matthew from England visited 14-18 Feb; sent 22 Feb 2005
I think the bad reviews are unfair, everyone has a bad day, give them a break. The Laughing Buddah was great, better than the Amnesia Haze.
Positive Review Peter from USA/Europe visited Jan 20-23; sent 29 Jan 2005
The place was fairly busy, so I got a bag of Laughing Buddha and left. On the way back to the hotel I was thinking, what a great city is this, everything smells so great, until I figured out, that it was the bag in the pocket of my shirt. I have to tell you, I smoked some good stuff there, but nothing beats the Buddha, it's so good it would make the US Congress legalize marijuana. Well, until it happens, visit Barney's.
Positive Review Naman from USA visited Jan 05; sent 8 Jan 2005
Arrived at around 7:30 but had enough time to chill before we were politely informed that the shop closed at 8:00. All of the hype about the Amnesia Haze is true. All and all I think these were the best buds of the trip. Also enjoyed the Laughing Buddha which was the perfect lift for a giggly dinner in the Jordaan. Visitors should also note that the shop is next to an excellent bakery and a world class chocolate store!
Positive Review Dave S from England visited 17-20 Dec 04; sent 4 Jan 2005
Always a good stop off for munchies and with a nice line in weed too, it makes for an essential pit-stop. The New York City Diesel was perhaps the most lemony tasting weed I've had - a clean and clear high and a nice change from some of the lung-busters out there. Good hearty food, and so long as you don't mind sharing a table during the busier times, a great place to recharge those batteries - I avoided the "breakfast" I'd actually paid for in my hotel in favour of this place.
Positive Review Marius from Germany sent 28 Dec 2004
Here it's very comfy, the dealer was very friendly and after checking our IDs he explained his menu, which was quite nice. They have weed from 6€ to 11€ (Amnesia Haze - Cannabis Cup 2004). And hash from 5€ Maroc to 30€ for some Ice hash. I bought a gram of White Widdow which was very good to start a day in Amsterdam. And I bought one gram of the Buddhas Sister which was a 100% bio and that was what it smelled and kicked me very high. I would start the day here with a good breakfast and orangejuice. Rating: 8,5/10
Positive Review Shalom from UK visited Nov 04; sent 3 Dec 2004
What can I say that hasn't been covered already. What a place! I was very impressed. You could tell the dealer was a bit worse for wear on the day we went, he said he'd been up all night, but he still had plenty of time for us, showing us through all the menu with no prompting. I had to try Amnesia Haze, you all know why. It was amazing! A gram of that and 3 grams of Sweet Tooth and full breakfast is quite possibly the best start to a day I have ever had. It was brilliant. Keep it up Barney's.
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
The 1st & best coffeeshop in town for us. Open to 7 am until 8 pm. The staff was very kindly and give us some good advice. Really good ambiance for da Cup this year! We tried Amnesia Haze 11€ & Laughing Buddha 8€ great taste for da both, very good product. The menu is very expensive but the quality is here. We try their hash and it's absolutely delicious, Temple Ball was really good for 10€! But their Caramello Cream 14€ was incredible, the best imported hash for this year - try this hash.
Positive Review Tim & Amey from USA sent 23 Nov 2004
Ok, this place was cool, but geared more towards tourists - meaning, you can get the same quality right down the street for a few dollars less. We had lunch instead of breakfasts (let's hear it for the toasties!). Nevertheless, it's always fun to smoke a doobie in a restaurant before you chow down.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 19 Nov 2004
The smoke was great, as always. Amnesia Haze was one of the highlights of the trip, Sweetooth was not as impressive. I sat outside one morning for breakfast and that was really nice. Staff was both friendly and competent. They really had it together.
Negative Review Mark from USA visited 9-13 Nov; sent 16 Nov 2004
I got there early in the morning, around 7:15, with a plan to have breakfast as well as pick up some smoke. But they were running late that morning and the dealer, who was the only one working at the moment, was in a surly mood. Not knowing that the kitchen wasn't yet open, I inquired about breakfast, only to be told in a very angry voice by the dealer that I'd have to be patient. Hey, I was only asking, not demanding. The dealer needed to chill. Consequently, I left without buying anything.
Positive Review Emma and Ben from UK sent 13 Nov 2004
First place we went to off the plane, the guy recommended their new (and most expensive) skunk, it was ok but nothing compared to Grey Area's AK47. Lovely decor and great location for our first smoke of the holiday. Will return to try their breakfasts and other smokes!
Positive Review 2old2Bintothis from USA sent 19 Oct 2004
OK, it has to be said: Cutest Pot Barrista in Amsterdam? Barneys of course. We headed here as soon as we arrived. Big greasy American breakfast and some Laughing Buddha to take the edge off the plane flight. By the time we finished our second cup of coffee and smoke, the horrors of flying economy class were forgotten. One thing no one every mentions when reviewing this place is the location: take a long walk down the street and you'll find everything you need (a drug store with calling cards is right across the street from their bistro, for instance) Also, they had the best selection of doodads to take back to your friends, all stamped with their distinctive logo. They know they are the first coffeehouse you're going to hit and do their best to be helpful and instructive. A great way to ease into the Amsterdam Coffeehouse scene.
Positive Review Lee and Deb from South Africa sent 17 Oct 2004
Was pretty packed when we got there for breakfast although fairplay to them it was lunchtime. I had read a comment about the raw bacon so upon ordering the Irish brekky I asked for the bacon to be done crispy. Well it still arrived a bit under done but the rest of the meal was spot on. Nice outside seating.
Positive Review Damien from USA sent 8 Sep 2004
Best shop in the 'Dam! I walked in, went to the counter and asked for a gram of Morning Glory (insane!), Sweet Tooth (bad batch, disappointed), and Helter Skelter (2nd best nederhash of my trip). Then I was like "Yo what do you recommend that I didn't choose?" The dealer whips out a container that says "Silver Blue". He assures me it's the best weed in the 'Dam. I roll a spliff with the "Blue" and some Skelter. Wow. Best weed the whole trip. First stuff I tried off the plane, best weed in the 'Dam! Silver Blue will win the cup this year and you can quote me! Bring I.D.!
Positive Review Qenzen from USA visited Nov 2003; sent 18 Aug 2004
I've lost count of how many times I've been to Barney's as one is certain to find top quality smoke here. They had a help wanted sign up in January for a cook and the sandwich I had there in July was well let's say I certainly could have done better. I sampled some of this bud and some of that - all very good. Then there was The Nepal Temple Ball. The Nepal was special. The skill that went into making this hash was evident. It was gummy and shiny with a perfect consistency of fine grains. The Temple Ball smoked soft and smoothly. You feel warm, content, peaceful and happy. Missing is feeling stoned, edgy, ragged out, tired and cloudy. Your head is clear and you are very functional. Feel like contemplating the meaning of life and love? The Nepal is for you. Save some for me, I'll be back in November.
Positive Review Mark from England visited 13-15/8/04; sent 17 Aug 2004
What can I say. Great. The food is good. Breakfast was good and reasonable. Their burgers are fantastic. Menu is fantastic, very good prices. K2 rocks (great to have first thing in morning with breakfast), Northern Lights nice smoke & Nepalese Temple Ball (1 gram 10 Euros, One of the cheapest I found, but very good quality). Staff are helpful and it has nice customers. Situated in a nice area, very clean. The best shop we went to.
Positive Review Kyle from UK visited 6-9th Aug.; sent 11 Aug 2004
I would just like to say how great Barneys was. I had a great time with some Laughing Buddah and some Silver Blue which is going to be this year's cannabis cup entry and well all I have to say after that is great food, reasonable prices and what a vaporizer!
Neutral Review Hasha from Germany visited 1-3 Aug 04; sent 4 Aug 2004
I start with the most important thing in a coffeeshop, the weed'n'hash. We smoked some Laughing Buddha and Silver Haze and some Skuff hash. Both good strains even if relatively expensive. I really liked the taste of the Silver Haze. The Hash was also ok. About the shop in general. Well, maybe it is only me but I don't like such crowded places. You sit too near to each other and the space is really limited. My friends and me decided to leave very soon since it was so full. The next two days we had a look into Barneys to see if we can find a place to sit but bad luck again. To make it short: weed is good, the rest is so lala. I think this shop is kinda over rated. To smoke good weed you need a good atmosphere and that's Barney's problem to be honest. (6/10 from my side)
Negative Review Carla from Australia sent 12 Jun 2004
We just got back from Barney's and I have to tell you that their breakfast absolutely sucked! For a coffeeshop known for it's breakfast, all reviews in that regard are quite deceiving! The eggs were overcooked and the pancakes and bacon undercooked (think 2 slabs of pig). The waitress was rushed and couldn't have cared less. On seeing two full plates, didn't bother to ask if breakfast was ok, I'm sure she knew it was horrid!
Positive Review Wayne H from UK sent 1 Jun 2004
I tried Purple Haze from Barneys (8/10). I was rockin after three spliffs, bit expensive though €11 for a gram.
Positive Review Joe from USA sent 8 May 2004
This was my first stop at a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. We started with some Morning Glory and topped it off with some Moroccan hash. Mirian was great! The dealer was very informative and helpful. Barneys is a must, the service and goods are great.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
Barney's seems to have the best weed in town. It was the first place I went, as it was pretty early in the morning, and I really liked the Mekong Haze. That was a great smoke. Went back another afternoon and talked to the dealer quite a bit, really nice guy. I looked at some beautiful Orange buds, some ridiculously huge Morning Glory buds, etc. Everything looked great, and I finally decided on some Laughing Buddha. That was one of the best strains I've ever seen anywhere, it was just a lot of fun. Very happy buzz. Unbelievable. Some guy later told me I must be mistaken, he said it was Buddha's Sister, but I don't know, I'm pretty sure the name was Laughing Buddha. But whatever you get at this place you will not be disappointed. I also saw some pretty crazy looking hash the guy said was the real thing, straight from the Himalayas. I wasn't looking for that at the time, so I passed on it, but I regret that now. Nice bongs and vaporizer too.
Positive Review Nojebony from UK sent 17 Apr 2004
Got to Barney's at around 10am. Smoking area was packed and everyone was stoned already. ;-) Ordered a pure weed spliff, "NY Diesel" or something like that. Smoked it next door after a nice fry up. Smoke was okay, though not the smoothest. Still a great experience, friendly helpful staff and breakfast was cooked up within 10 minutes. Worth the walk from Centraal Station and definitely worth a visit again!
Positive Review Paul and the Stoners from UK visited 7-8 Mar 04; sent 7 Apr 2004
My first stop is always at Barney's, they sell the best breakfasts and always have a large selection of cannabis cup winning gear. Me and 6 others managed to get through most of the skunk menu, with Silver Blue at 12 euro a gram being my favourite. We also sampled Moonshine hash, Helta Skelta hash, Meykong haze, Laughing Buddah, Sweet Tooth, Morning Glory and Cali Orange Bud. The dealer is also very helpful and will give you all the info you need.
Positive Review Bubbalicious from Canada visited 26-30 Mar 04; sent 5 Apr 2004
Purchased Silver Blue, Sweet Tooth, NYC Diesel, Barney Rubble Hash (40 euro a gram) and Helter Skelter Hash. Silver Blue was best of the whole trip. The Barney rubble is made by taking 1000 g of Silver Blue in an iceolator turning it into 70 g of hash. Very crowded. First morning, grabbed my gear and went up the street to some other place. The restaurant next door is nice, expensive, and very clean bathroom. Gear was A++
Positive Review ace42 from USA sent 24 Mar 2004
The best gets better! Since I was there last, they've added a microscope at the dealer's counter - always a must. Sampled the Sweet Tooth & Laughing Buddah weeds, as well as the Helter Skelter hash. All wonderful, but the HS is not for the weak of heart (or mind) - pretty much as close to "tripping" on a THC product as you can get.
Positive Review Josh from USA sent 22 Mar 2004
Bought one gram of California Orange Bud and one gram of Sweet Tooth. Both very excellent. The orange bud tasted and smelled like actual oranges! The sweet tooth smelled and tasted like candy! Best breakfast I have ever tasted. The place was packed when I went in so I shared a table with a British couple and had a very good conversation. They also have a microscope at the weed counter where you can view your weed. This is a must stop for every Amsterdam visit.
Positive Review DoughGirL from England sent 7 Mar 2004
I cannot recommend this place enough. As soon as I was off the train I went straight to Barneys for a fantastic breakfast and 2 grams of the excellent Laughing Buddah. The staff were very very pleasant and helpful, one of the staff gave us a free map and info about the nightlife etc. I returned here every morning/afternoon (depending when I woke up) for the 1st meal of the day with the best cup of tea in Amsterdam and in my opinion, the best weed in Amsterdam. Their Morning Glory and Sweet Tooth are also quality bud! Met sum cool people, who we had 2 share a table with because it was so busy, who also shared my opinion on Barneys Breakfast Bar. I would rate this as my favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. 10/10 U have to go there!
Positive Review Jon and Shell from UK sent 6 Mar 2004
Great service, good drinks and good smoke! Barneys is a good place, comfortable, friendly and a good atmosphere. Funky house music was playing at a low level during our visits, but it can get quite packed. Laughing Budda was a pleasant smoke and would definitely go back.
Positive Review Gasper from England sent 18 Feb 2004
Barney's has grown in recent years. They now have a cafe / brasserie two doors up but you still have to buy your smoke from the original shop. They have some of the best smoke the city has to offer, consistently winning Cannabis Cups for it's weed and hash. Laughing Buddha is their latest best I'm lead to believe and I laughed for a long time after having a go on their excellent vaporiser, just ask if you can use it. The staff are usually very helpful (some are Irish) but when it's busy (which is quite often) they can easily get stressed, just like the rest of us, so be a little understanding because it goes a long way. A very cool and slightly trippy decor with pretty comfy bench seats and lots of bongs for you to try. On the whole an excellent coffeeshop. If you can't get a table be sure to get some smoke from there.
Positive Review Jo and Matthew from Wales visited 13 Feb. 04; sent 17 Feb 2004
We only knew about this place through the ACD. We'd seen it but never gone in but loving a good cooked breakfast as we do thought we better try it out and we must agree what a good morning out, a bit expensive but worth it. Absolutely lovely Irish breakfast (except the chips), nice tea and lovely orange juice. Some of the best pollen as well. We did have a laugh. All in all well worth a visit and very friendly.
Positive Review Bonnie and Clyde from USA sent 2 Feb 2004
Great hash (if the King Hassan is on the menu its a must try) and good weed. Has great atmosphere and good menu, whether it be cannabis or food/drink. Really nice to hit if you enter the city from Centraal Station because of the location.
Neutral Review Natasha from UK sent 20 Jan 2004
Moody waitress with attitude but they got a smoke machine to die for.
Positive Review Max from USA visited 27-30 Dec 03; sent 2 Jan 2004
The food was good with the bacon a bit salty. The service was a bit slower than I'm used to but that was the same for all of Amsterdam. The waitress and young fellow behind the counter were the friendliest I encountered on this trip. Bought a pre-rolled weed-only Sweet Tooth for 10 euros. Was smooth with a nice high that allowed me to continue walking the city after smoking half of it.
Positive Review Ady from UK sent 2 Jan 2004
It's a wicked shop. The dealer guy was cool, he was from Ireland as I am and we had a little chat whilst me and my friends were buying some Mothers Finest I think it was and some of the Laughing Buddah I can't remember how much they were but they were a very nice smoke we weren't in there for long as it was closing at 8 and we had got there only about 7ish. But overall it's an excellent coffeeshop, one of my favourites.
Negative Review Sparks from UK sent 6 Dec 2003
I just got back from Barneys Breakfast Bar and I have been pickpocketed. I lost all the stash which was in my jacket pocket hanging on my chair. I was there for about an hour, when I went to leave all 3 bags of stash had gone. About 1 month ago a friend of mine lost all his cash in the same way. BEWARE DO NOT leave any valuables anywhere apart from in your trouser pockets.
Positive Review Rob from USA sent 24 Nov 2003
(9/10): My "home-base" as it were. First shop I visited, my flight got in at 7 AM, and the English gentleman behind the counter was very friendly as he obviously picked up on my tourist status immediately. He pointed us to some of our favorite shops on our visit, gave us deals on breakfast, and took time to smoke with us and let us know some in's and out's of the city. Overall, the herb was quality, Kali Mist from Barney's was our 2nd place runner up for the trip, and the Sweet Tooth was good, but don't plan on going anywhere for a while. Stop in for some good food and good herb, but the real treat is the early morning staff of one real nice Englishman. He'll take a shot at you from time to time, but one of the nicest shop workers I met during my stay.
Positive Review Bob from USA sent 19 Nov 2003
I never had trouble getting a table. Then you order breakfast with either English tea or Espresso, and while it's cooking, pop next door and pick up some of the wonderful weed varieties that have won all of those cups adorning the entrance. The service was always great.
Positive Review Dominik from Germany visited 1.11.03; sent 12 Nov 2003
We visited Barneys, because we heard so many good stories about staff, menu and atmosphere. And it's true, the staff was really friendly, despite they had a lot of work (it was very crowded, even at 10 o'clock). I like the interior, especially the Hindi statue (I think it was Shiva) in front of the glass vitrine with all the cannabis cups inside. The menu consists of about 5-10 varieties of hash and another 5-10 of weed. I decided to buy Sweet Tooth, because it won the cannabis cup in various categories hoping for a smoking pleasure and was not disappointed, the smell was of a high intensity and the buds were full of crystals. After smoking the first one (very mild taste) a fat smile extended on my face and never left until I left Amsterdam. We smoked the last of Sweet Tooth in the Vondelpark in the warm autumn sun, watching some birds and a little lake: this was quite a pleasure and complete harmony.
Positive Review MDC from UK sent 22 Oct 2003
If you want a true friendly coffee-shop experience then Barneys is the place, Excellent quality in both the weed & hash, I decided on the cup-winners Sweet Tooth & Laughing Budda being both ends of the spectrum & both were excellent quality probably the best quality up with the Greenhouse Centrum. Barneys quality of hash is also superb with the Afghan & King Hassan being my personal favourites, The Afghan is as hash should be sticky, sweet long lasting just like something which I 'once' saw back in the UK back in the 1980's. Although we only smoked & had coffee the food looked excellent & as unlike many other shops in Amsterdam Barneys is clean! Well worth a visit....I was so stoned I forgot to pay! (the staff just laughed and said "It happens all the time")
Positive Review Rhys from UK visited 26, 27, 28 Sept 03; sent 30 Sep 2003
We started every day of our trip at Barney's. A hearty breakfast seemed to set us up for the day. We were up plenty early while in Amsterdam and never found Barney's to be too busy. We tried Morning Glory on the first day, a nice smoke, a bit heady at first for me but soon levels out, the 2nd day we went for the Sweet Tooth.... after 4 of these we were back at the hotel to chill with some TV. By far the weed we enjoyed most from Barney's was the Laughing Buddha, a nice high which suited a busy day perfectly, we seemed happy to function on an almost normal level interspersed with fits of giggling. Great service, great weed, great food, oh and a smashing cup of tea.
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited Frequently; sent 21 Sep 2003
On a par with Grey Area as far as bud quality goes. The breakfasts are a bit pricey, but the grass is all good, Mekong haze, Laughing Buddha, as well as the old favorites Sweet Tooth and Morning Glory.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Sep 2003
I have been going to Barney's for the last few years, well whenever the "Sweet-tooth" came out. I was originally in search of the "Sunburst" and when I got there one rainy afternoon I was surprised to find it almost empty. Back then it was just one place not with the separate breakfast area like it is now. I asked for the Sunburst and the friendly fellow behind the counter said, "No, but we have this..... This is the best anywhere." He then opened a large Tupperware container and showed me huge "Sweet-tooth" buds. It was the best I had that trip!!! Barney's is still one of my favorites, If not for the weed alone, the food is also an incredible experience!!! Last August I visited and enjoyed an English breakfast in the restaurant and then a fresh squeezed orange juice and a gram of the "Laughing Budda" (10 euros) while sitting at the counter bar right across from the weed counter in the coffeeshop. It was great to watch the "salesman" as he knew all about their products and was very eager to inform the customers. The "Laughing Budda" was fruity and pungent, an intense sativa high that must be tried!!! I also sampled the "Morning Glory" (9 euro/gm.) and it was an incredible bio green bud, floating type buzz. I highly recommend both to anyone serious about their smoke. After that, for a beautiful walk, take a cruise South down the Herengracht canal and then turn East (left) on Leliestraat, then you're at the Grey Area coffeeshop, another must visit when in Amsterdam.
Negative Review Si from England sent 31 Aug 2003
I'd heard a lot of great and amazing things about Barneys so the last time I was there I made a concerted effort to seek it out and give it a bash and the first time I was there it was a dream. The guy serving was a star and dealt me a nice little bag of weed and brought over to me my usual breky of tea and toast and I left replete on all fronts. The second time I was there the second day of my trip I walked in using all my manners (something I pride myself on due to upbringing and personnel choice) but this wasn't good enough for the ratty she-beast that was working the place that fateful Saturday morning. I walked in giving the usual good mornings and pleases and all I got was a daggered stare and a "hey I insist on a good morning and pleases and thank you's before I'll even consider serving you". This surprised me being as that was what I'd given her just three seconds before so either she'd got out of bed the wrong side (...and hit the wall HARD by the looks of her) or I've just got one of those faces or she's just plain stupid deaf and ignorant, I'm of the thinking that it's most all of the above that's the case. Well whatever the case I just looked at her with the contempt she'd given me turned and walked out never to darken the place ever again with my venerated presence.
Positive Review Kats from Japan sent 29 Aug 2003
Breakfast was served hot and I really liked it but you don't go to Barneys just for breakfast, you go to Barneys for the weed! I bought AK47, Hawaiian Sativa, a pre rolled joint of White Widow and I also bought the Helter Skelter hash. Helter Skelter was amazing! It's very expensive (I think it was 25 Euros/gram) but it's worth every euro. It's wet and sticky, with a powerful smell. The taste was very oily and the high was a knock out! After smoking this stuff, I went back to my hotel room and watched National Geographic Channel for 3 hours! AK was very good but the Helter Skelter was just so much more powerful. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Chris from Germany visited July 03; sent 26 Aug 2003
Great in eating and drinking. I found it very smooth to smoke my Joint inside this shop because the weed was excellent. I smoked some AK-47 and it really got me working. My friend smoked some Laughing Buddha for 10€ - heavy eye lids and red red eyes; it was the best!
Positive Review David from UK sent 16 Jul 2003
This has be Amsterdam's finest and phatest coffee shop around!!! You start the day with undoubtedly the best breakie I've ever had in da dam, sausage, bacon, beans+toms,mushrooms, toast u know da score by now. But you don't go all da way to da dam just for a breakie u go for the weed and boy is this shop da bomb. The list is endless. I tried the ak-47 and was I fucked?? Is da pope catholic? Next i tried the laughing buda, this cost 10 euros a gram and its more powerful than drinking a bottle of brandy straight!!! If skunk ain't your thing there is also an extensive poillen list. One you must try is the isolator made from pure crystals and costing 25 euros a gram and yes, I was away with the fairies. If this is to deer there are also some quality ones that my mates tried from Morocco and Afghanistan. This place is a must for any true pot-head not to be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. try an fresh orange, freshly squeezed.
Positive Review Mark and Emma from UK visited 7 - 10 July 2003; sent 15 Jul 2003
This is the first place we went to after getting off the train at CS. ..we left our luggage in the lockers at the train station for a few hours and went to Barneys for some breakfast. I had always heard that it was a very busy place but when we arrived at 9.30am on a Monday morning it was empty. Don't let this put you off the breakfast was fantastic and the guy behind the bar very funny and friendly. We were served our food nice and quickly and it only stayed on the plate for minutes. !! I bought a gram of the Sweet Tooth weed for an after breakfast smoke and what can I say's probably the nicest and strongest weed I have ever smoked. ..wicked for a good bong as it tasted so nice. You will find that you get asked for proof of age a lot more in the dam these days. But don't take offence ...the guy at Barney's asked me and I am 32 !! ..he is now my friend. !!
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
This place is very easy to find offering plenty of room to stretch out for an entire morning. While it is not as close to Central Station as people lead on, it is still within a quick 5-10 minute walk. You'll notice a corner cafe a few doors down from the actual coffeeshop where they serve everything but the weed and hash. I honestly didn't even go inside the corner cafe as I was looking for some of that "Morning Glory" and "Sweet Tooth".
The coffeeshop gives off kind of a "diner" vibe in that it is a very bright shop with several bar-type tables bolted firmly to the walls. On each table you will find everything necessary to enjoy the English or American breakfast (or a la carte if you so desire). Towards the back of the shop sits the dealer's bar to the right (as you approach) and a smaller serving bar to the left where they keep a nice vaporizer ready for anyone to use.
Still, the real reason for coming here is the weed (and hash as I later found out). "Morning Glory" was the 2002 cup winner so I thought I owed it to myself to at least give it a try since I was there for the cup and never made it to Barney's. I had also heard that the "Sweet Tooth" had the power to knock you out! I also saw they had "Sahara Pollen" hash and inquired therein but they were out. She suggested something called "Spudnik" I think of which I purchased a gram. The MG was great, very powerful. While I didn't enjoy the ST out of the bong, I eventually went back and bought a pre-rolled of pure ST that I utilized one fine afternoon while walking through a park in Paris on my way to the Monet Museum. It absolutely floored me! Went back and got another one for the airport prior to boarding my plane, but that's a whole different story...the hash was more than fine.
Positive Review Justin from USA visited June 18-25 2003; sent 26 Jun 2003
There's nothing I can say about Barney's that hasn't already been said so i'll keep it short. Great weed (Sweet Tooth, Laughin Buddha), good food, slow service and very packed, still one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.
Positive Review TG from UK sent 22 Jun 2003
It seems to be the way that whenever you return home from a visit to Amsterdam, you always hear or find out about a must see coffeeshop that you never went to. This was the case with Barney's as on my last visit in August 02, I made it as far as Pink Floyd but didn't really know about the delights that lay further down the road!! I promised myself that come what may, I would go there next time I was in town. It was a Sunday morning when I headed down with a couple of friends. We initially went into the bar on the corner but found a table in the main bit and settled in there. It's not a huge place and only needed about 20 people to fill it. I really wanted to check out the Cannabis cup winners and got grams of Morning Glory and Sweet tooth. We smoked one of each and sat looking at each other wondering how it was 11.00am when we got in there and now it's 11.15am and we're all VERY stoned. Both were of excellent quality and made you feel a bit scared at the prospect of the whole days smoking that lay ahead of you! We got some food too which was well needed and tasted lovely! One of my friends picked up some Laughing Buddha on the way out which wasn't great but the barmaid showed me some of the Helter Skelter isolator hash that they had. It looked like a Pringle crisp and was 25 euros a gram!! We debated whether to get some between us but decided that it probably wasn't worth the hype. Give this place a look, it's well worth taking a walk to. Don't panic if you can't get a seat, pick up some weed and there are loads of coffeeshops on the way into the centre to enjoy it in!!!!
Positive Review Kind Bud Kid from USA sent 18 Jun 2003
Very nice people, cool place to chill, Morning Glory is great.
Positive Review Ari from USA visited May 03; sent 8 Jun 2003
Barneys is two places. A corner Cafe with indoor & outdoor seating that serves a first rate Irish Breakfast and a damn good Bloody Mary, and a building away is a comfortable coffee shop that has some of the finest weed in the city. There is no better way to start your day in Amsterdam than at Barneys
Neutral Review J.C. from USA visited Mar 20-27, 2003; sent 24 Apr 2003
I went there straight from the airport. It was, like everyone says, very busy and the weed was good. I tried the Morning Glory, but I thought it was almost too strong. Might just as well have hit me over the head with a 2x4. But I will say that it was a lot more reasonable late night just before bed. I was writing my notes for the day and found myself just staring at the page. Super strong. I looked at some Stella Blue and some Sweet Tooth they were selling and all the bud looked like it was in really prime condition. The Irish breakfast was ok, not great, and forget about talking to the guy about weed or anything else, too damned busy. Now, I would only sit down at Barney's if I really wanted to feel like a tourist. I meant to return at a quieter time and try some of the other stuff, but that didn't happen.
Positive Review Nik from USA sent 26 Mar 2003
From the minute I walked into barneys, the aroma of the "sweet tooth" on sale brought me to the dealer counter faster then anywhere else! This place has a great setup although it is a little small and most of the time fairly crowded. The prices on bud is excellent and I definitely recommend the sweet tooth or the morning glory, both cannabis cup winners. The only issue I had with this coffeeshop is the fact that the breakfast service wasn't all too great, our waiter had completely forgotten to cook our food, plus we had a plane to catch so we had to leave stoned and on an empty stomach. Besides that downfall Barneys is one of the best stops in Amsterdam by far in my book.
Positive Review Robert from UK sent 18 Feb 2003
This is a must visit coffeeshop/cafe. On the corner is the cafe which does very nice Irish and American breakfasts and two doors down is the coffeeshop which also does breakfasts but a bit dark and smoky to have food in, nonetheless I bought Snow White, Juicy Fruit, Tangerine Dream and AK47 Hydro which were all pretty much the best I tried in any shop. you're welcome to light up in the cafe as well. Very on top about identification though, I got asked for ID twice in two days and to be honest even though I'm twenty I'm told I look at least five years older so be prepared!
Positive Review Mark from USA sent 18 Feb 2003
This place is really customer orientated, they always seem to go the extra mile. As I walked in the place it was just packed, but I lucked out, one table was open, and I shared it with this guy and his sister from Britain, jolly good ole chap. We started with a gram of skunk, house special, a cup of coffee, and an order for a cheese omelette. All just hit the spot, couldn't ask for a better way to start the day. It seems they have expanded at Barneys, I noticed they have another little place next door where people were having breakfast, or maybe I just didn't notice last year. All in all Barneys is a little more expensive than the other shops, but it's worth it, you get more.
Positive Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited again 3rd-5th Jan 03; sent 7 Jan 2003
Visited with a few non smoking (pot or tobacco) friends we arrived 9.30 Saturday morning to avoid the atmosphere being too Smokey. The breakfast was good. The morning glory was described to me by Derry as being "Sweet tooth the next generation" he was not lying, a sweet fruity taste and a very buzzy high fan fucking tastic.
Positive Review N_Mo from USA sent 21 Dec 2002
Barney's is the first place I stopped a weekday morning (9am) after a night in flight. Well, maybe someone could show them how to make a donut, but...the foods good enough for a tourist. The bud is--don't start out with anything more than the N.Lights if you wish to remain conscious. The W.Widow is just 50cents more /gr. than the NL, but will knock the newcomer out if used early. Overall, this is the best place to start and close a stop in A'dam. Hajh is ok here but other shops are better suppliers. One of the best places for a meal and bowl.
Neutral Review Zunki from UK via South Africa visited Frequently; sent 15 Dec 2002
Used to be one of my favourite shops. Derry is always helpful and friendly but recently the place has become too commercial. Their sweet tooth is great as is the helter skelter I can't wait to try the morning glory. I have always found their smokables premier league but the shop (especially when busy) is not very comfortable. How they won 2002 cannabis cup for best coffee shop I'll never know. Unfortunately the breakfasts are not all they are cracked up to be. Because I enjoy their smoke so much and always try to score there, I like to go there mid afternoon when they are a bit quiet for a snack and fresh orange juice.
Positive Review Dr Jon from UK sent 6 Nov 2002
I would agree that the solicitude and kindness of staff in your favourite breakfasting spot is exactly as you described. I feel that my sweet tooth having been catered for that minor needs such as sugary sweet drinks, a little mineral water and as you so aptly stated mugs of "Lipton" European tea made my breakfast enormously pleasurable and very drawn out. I cannot remember ever spending so long trying to work out the best means of turning a mug of hot tea around in a saucer and raising it gently to my mouth to avoid scalding. The white mug was examined in minute detail and a two handed approach for stability to get the handle on the right side prior to safe lifting was elaborated, learnedly considered and then succesfully adopted. It would be fair to say that the tea, the Irish breakfast and other rehydrants were all provided exactly to order at appropriate moments almost by telepathy by the angel who tended to my and other's needs via the narrow serpentine walkway. You forgot to mention the music system in your postings : )
Neutral Review Nathan from Canada sent 8 Oct 2002
Not a place to get a nice American Breakfast! the pancakes are flat nasty dutch pancakes, and the omlettes were squishy! but the buds were rockin and the people were great!(It's Holland! all the people are great!)
Neutral Review Tom and Clairey from UK visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002; sent 14 Aug 2002
Always busy, uncomfortable seating, decent selection of weed and hash, and some good munch.
Positive Review John from USA sent 30 May 2002
My mornings always seems to start before the average Dutchmen, I am sure its a jetlag time warp thing. Every morning I find myself stumbling from the Central Station and heading in the direction of Barney's for my morning fix of trichomes and triglycerides.Usually beating the 7AM opening time by an hour or so, we sit at the corner bench and watch the city come alive. This is a small joy that my usually disgruntled half asleep wife allows me.
Positive Review B-Li from USA
This shop comes recommended many times over by breakfast enthusiasts, due to its early opening hours, hearty traditional English breakfasts, and selection of coffees and teas. They've also won a couple of Cannabis Cups for their smokable wares.
The only time that I visited Barney's was a few years back, before a major aesthetic makeover took place. At that time, it was a quaint, crowded hole in the wall with wall-to-wall wooden fixtures that attracted a cross-cultural clientele.
On my visit, it was the day after Queens Day, and those with hangovers mild enough to make it out of bed before 2 o' clock in the afternoon had jammed in for a hearty breakfast and wake n' bake.
We sat down next to a couple from the former East German republic, exchanged brief conversation over bong hits from the house water pipe, and ordered some food. The veggie burger platter (a rare thing to track down in Amsterdam indeed) was tasty, and the banana shake is not to be missed under any circumstances. The waiter was extremely polite, but because of the hectic bustle our service was sporadic.
As far as their other menu, I had wanted to try their Breakfast Bar Hash, but they were sold out of it, so I can't vouch for the quality of the product in this department. They must be doing something right, however, because of the awards and praise that they've garnered over the years.
If you're an early riser or fresh-faced arrival into the city frustrated at the infrequency of coffeeshops open during the wee hours of the morning to satisfy your urges for solid food and a hearty buzz, stumble on down to Barney's and give it a whirl.
Positive Review Jason from UK sent 28 Mar 2000
Barney's Breakfast Bar is often busy. It has one of the best interiors of any coffee shop in Amsterdam. It sells good food and drinks and a good range of grass, (including Sunburst). It also has friendly and knowledgeable staff. Barney's is the perfect way to start your day in Amsterdam - with a full Irish breakfast, juice or shake and a joint. It's best to go either early morning or early afternoon, to avoid the busiest period, or be prepared to wait.
Positive Review Don from UK sent 2 Jul 1999
Mug of English tea and a joint. What more could you want for breakfast? Best place in Amsterdam for scoring a cup of tea! A firm favourite! Surprised at the size of the "Menu" - almost as large as the food menu!