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coffeeshop Apeldoorn
coffee shop Bazar, Apeldoorn, Gelderland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, reviews, menu, map, picture
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Reviews of Bazar Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass sent 30 Oct 2017
Medium sized bright place with about forty comfy seats and an oriental theme in a separated room you get buzzed into after purchasing your wares. Wiet I remember was Santa Maria (8€), White Widow (8€), Bubble Gum (9€), Black Widow Haze (11€) and S5 (12€). Hashish was Maroc (6€), Super Pollen (9€) and Hia (12€). Heard and came because of the Black Widow, a strain I have fond memories of as Katsu in Dam offered it with good quality until around six to seven years back before it went down. However, Bazar's version was nothing more than a good grown generic White Widow not to be compared to the Katsu one. Was worth a try me thinks. Decided to get their Hia which was nice enough but should have gone with the recommendation of moody Dutch budtender in his forties who advised me on the Super Pollen. If I'd return to Apeldoorn I'd come here for sitting down probably.
Positive Review Steve from UK sent 14 Sep 2015
I visited this shop in early September 2015. Amazingly easy to find, Marktplatz is just off the very busy market. Obviously. The staff behind the counter were approachable, very friendly and helpful- the lady spoke perfect English. Without original ID, I could only buy to take away which was fine. I'd certainly go again.
Positive Review James from UK sent 12 Jun 2013
Seemed like a great coffeeshop with 2 sections. The first is where you make your purchase and the second is the smoking room. The smoking room is reasonably pleasant and light thanks to the quite large windows. The menu wasn't exactly extensive but they had a few nice varieties. The first time I went I got Black Widow Haze and it was a really nice smoke. Good flavour and hit the spot. My friend bought some bud called Bubbles and that was also quite a nice smoke, although a little weaker than the haze. We also bought some hash and this was a mix of Maroc, which was a very light colour and fluffed up really nice, and some Super Polm. The Maroc was a nice day time smoke and the Super Polm was nice on an evening. We went again a few days later and this time I got S5 Haze and my friend for some Santa Maria. Both of these were really nice with great bud density and perfectly trimmed. They also both smelled lovely with the S5 having a sort of fruity smell. All in all, we loved the place and would recommend visiting this place if you're in the area. It's right in the middle of town near the Stadhuis and so is really easy to find.
Positive Review Dutchflowers from UK sent 11 Jul 2010
I visited this coffeeshop on Tuesday 6 July in the evening. Football match was being shown and the main room was full. The weed is bought next to this large smoking room at a counter at the back. This area has a sofa and some chairs to sit and roll but not smoke. That can be done in the smoking room. The menu has a good selection of weeds and hashes. I bought 1 gm of Black Widow. Quite good.
Positive Review Big Tree and Megatron from Scotland sent 1 Dec 2009
One of the best coffeeshop that we found on our trip, very spacious and comfortable. Situated right in the centre of town on a street next to a bar and internet cafe. Needless to say that street provided us with everything we needed!
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 10 Aug 2009
Very spacious and relaxing place to hang. There is a large "smoking room" on one side, then the menu and beverage counter is in another room as you enter the shop. The menu had 9 wiet and 3 hasj choices, as well as several types of pre-rolled joints. I tried the puur pre- rolled for 3.5 euro, the budtender told me it was a mixture of all their menu items combined, not bad at all. They have bowls under a glass counter containing samples of all the wiet available, very nice too see and smell, it all looked very good. Many beverages available and the cappuccinos were very good. In the spacious smoking room they had wooden benches with cushions and large wooden tables to sit at. Big bronze balls that are sculptures as well as lights, hang about from the tall ceiling, a very nice lighting effect. There are large windows in both the front and the back of the shop. Nice sound system with trancy music, very friendly service, 2 photo play video games, clean bathrooms. Overall a very relaxing and chill vibe, perhaps the best shop in town.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
The best in Appeldorn, the Black Widow (10 €) and the Santa Maria (8,5€) was the best and strongest stuff who I visited in my sailing holiday at the last two weeks. The coffee was very good (in Friesland is the coffee in all shops so a flavorless).
Positive Review Elliott from USA sent 15 Jun 2005
The hub of the Apeldoorn coffeeshop scene. Located right in the center of town. Very friendly atmosphere, good weed, good prices. The weed generally isn't as strong as in Uprising, but it's nothing to complain about. 2 floors, foosball tables, TV, etc. The best coffeeshop in Apeldoorn to just sit and relax.