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coffeeshop The Hague
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Positive Review Philter from USA. Visited Sept.2. Sent 12 Sep 2006.
Demo is not as good [as de Hut], but an OK place. Weed I got some fine White Widow for 6E per gram and Super Polm for 7E per gram. Excellent gear. Budtender chick not overly friendly but not rude, she was having a conversation w/ a reg. customer. Of the 2, Demo is a tad more expensive and a dark, urban type of place.
Negative Review BAC from Netherlands. Sent 13 Sep 2004.
This coffeeshop is found in a small street in the Centrum of The Hague. The weed is of poor quality and the atmosphere is very dark and full of rap/techno music. The staff is not very friendly and a lot of the times doesn't know anything about the weed they have there. Prices are alright but I really do not recommend it.