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High Life

coffeeshop in Goes
Reviews of High Life Number of Positive Reviews 11 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Basti from Germany sent 31 Dec 2011
Perfect chill area upstairs (above the sale area). Their premium varieties are top notch but rather on the expensive side. Nice place to sit down. And the dog which belongs there is a real chiller, too.
Positive Review Meatee from UK sent 5 Jul 2011
I bought some Citrus Haze and Silver Haze 12.5/gram. I really liked the coffeeshop and the weed was second to none. The Citrus had the edge over the Silver but both were superb 9 out of 10. A friend bought some Amnesia. We both said next time we shall stick to the Haze. Not bad but not the best.
Negative Review NilsieBoe from Belgium sent 11 Nov 2010
Been there several times this year, and quality keeps decreasing. The price raised while quality keeps dropping. Bought some Hasj last time and was probably the worst hasj I've ever smoked. They like to put different labels on exactly the same weed as well. I think going to Holland to get some good pot isn't done anymore. Very expensive shop for not that great pot. Even their trademark Super Amnesia isn't all that good, and sure not worth 12.5/gr. You'll never spot me in Goes again.
Positive Review Mc V & Dou Dou from UK/Belgium sent 26 Aug 2010
Last been here in 2006 & glad to say the place is still going strong. Layout the same, good selection, generous bags, very friendly staff. Recommend this place highly : 10/10
Positive Review Rekul from Germany sent 15 Jun 2009
Very friendly people, relaxed mood. Some nice guys around. In the cafe there are billard and some other games. The time I visited, some kind of trip-hop was playing. In the shop everything clean and fine. I'll visit again.
Positive Review NoutieBoy from Belgium sent 23 Feb 2009
Modern nice clean friendly lots of space good stuff and good menu. I will certainly visit again. 10/10
Positive Review bigdaddyK from UK visited 08/08; sent 24 Aug 2008
It's a very nice place with the buying area downstairs and a smoking area upstairs which is very nice with big airy windows. They also have a bar around the corner from the shop where you can also smoke. The weed is good, we got Powerplant 1.5g for 12 eur. It's open until 1am on Fridays. Goes is a very nice town and the shop here is much better than Vlisingen.
Positive Review Max from Belgium sent 18 Apr 2008
Very good, this has been one of my favourites for many years. Nice atmosphere, good weed, not that far, can you ask for anything more? I think I visit Goes once a week and they still succeed in surprising me by changing their menu from time to time. I went last Thursday and I returned with a big bag of Amnesia Haze, in my opinion one of the finest weed there is. So anyway: 10/10! Trust me people: Goes is the place to be!
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 4 Jul 2006
Totally agree with the last two posters on this shop. The fact that one scores downstairs keeps the traffic in the lounge area to a minimum. Music classic rock mostly. The girl on duty downstairs was friendly and allowed me to photograph the San Pedro they were selling. Upstairs is classy and comfortable. Got a 2.50 "Stuff" pre-roll. Nice J. People playing board games, using computer, which is only downside I saw with this shop - 1.50 per 15 minutes, or three times the cost in many other shops. But all in all a top notch shop.
Positive Review Mc V & Dou Dou from UK/Belgium sent 4 Apr 2006
One of the easiest coffeeshops to find anywhere in Holland! Drive into town and it's literally on the high streets main shopping area. Modern shop, split into a downstairs (where you score herb) and upstairs (where you chill and smoke, drink tea, play pool, watch life go by etc). Very friendly staff who helped suggest different types of grass. Selected the shops own "High Life Special" which did not disappoint. Very reasonable prices and a good selection of hash and grass. Having bought our weed we ventured to one of the nicest and cosiest decorated coffeeshops we have seen. We didn't notice - until we started rolling - that we had been given a present of a pack of papers, some roaches, a lighter and a free pre-rolled joint! Wonderful surprise and what service! Highly recommend this place for people who enjoy top service & little surprises. Goes looks like a lovely little town as well with harbour, lots of pubs and a real nice atmosphere.
Positive Review Pete from UK sent 6 Mar 2005
I think that the High Life coffee shop in Goes is ace. There is a good selection of weed and hash and their pre rolled joints are very good. The atmosphere is really laid back. I was there 2 weeks ago but unfortunately I could not stay for long and only had enough time to buy some dope, not sit and enjoy the atmosphere. You don't need to go to Amsterdam to enjoy a good smoke and you don't have to put up with idiot tourists who can't take their weed. I really love the selection of flavoured teas on offer.
Positive Review James from Netherlands sent 26 Aug 2004
A quite large room, the barlady was not very willing to explain what they had to offer, the menu was good though. Customers are mainly locals.