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coffeeshop Rotterdam
coffee shop Miami, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Miami Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Cholbos from Rotterdam sent 26 Sep 2011
It's a really small coffee shop, but you can smoke your joints there. They have a really good Super Polm 8€/gram. The best I tasted in Rotterdam. I bought also a Bubble Gum 7€/gram, and it's really tasteful! Really good and cheap coffee shop.
Positive Review NSI from France sent 27 May 2010
Great Super Polm at 8 E a gram, not the best in town though.
Positive Review Reza from Sweden sent 22 Feb 2010
One of the 3 best coffeeshops in Rotterdam. It's located just a 5min walk from Alpha Blondy and Nemo at N. They only have 2 kind of hashes; regular polm for 6 Euro and super polm for 9 Euro and also some weed (I only sampled the super pollen). For a seasoned toker the regular polm is much more price worthy. The atmosphere is relaxed and it's always full of locals and you can tell they have good stuff since they have so many customers. They serve coffee and tea and have some snacks. There are a couple of games you can try if you like.
Positive Review Perth182 from France sent 19 Jul 2009
Very good. Situated in a quiet street, very clean, helpful employees, good stuff and good prices. Their speciality is hash: Polm (6€ per gram), Super Polm (8€ per gram), Donkere Polm (6€ per gram). They sell weed too: Silver Haze (12€ for 1,3 gram), Skunk Zakjes (6€ per gram) and Thai Wiet Zakjes (7€ per gram). This coffeeshop is mainly frequented by locals.
Positive Review Vibes Tuff from Rotterdam sent 8 Feb 2008
I am, what they use to call, a regular at Miami. Miami is a nice coffeeshop in Rotterdam with very friendly, and also qualified of course, employees. As already told their owner is Maroc, which explains the great quality of their hashes. The only 2 kinds of hashes they supply are regular Polm and Super Polm. The regular Polm is available is foil, for 6, 12 or 25 euros. The 25 piece is a huge piece! For a regular smoker the regular Polm is way cheaper than the Super Polm, which you can order for any price you like. At the moment it is € 9,- for a gram. If you prefer skunk you can pick between K2, Colombian and once in a while another sort of weed when it is available. You can have a drink at Miami, play a game on one of three game machines (Photoplay, Pacman and Soccer) or watch some TV if you like. Definitely my favourite coffeeshop in Rotterdam!
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 26 Jun 2005
This has to be at least number 3 on the Rotterdam smoke tours guide. The bag of K2 I got was so huge. I swear I rolled 4 normal sized joints with a 7 euro bag. The weed price is now 7 and 14 K2 is the only kind they have. Hash is normal 6 and 12 foils, so just ask for a 6 foil or 12 foil, if you want the super hash its 9.00 euros a gram, not the best in Rotterdam at the moment but well worth the trip.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 3 Oct 2004
This happens to be the oldest coffeeshop that's still open, from original owner. This is an awesome shop and has some of the best hash anywhere in Rotterdam. Funny enough, this owner is cousin to owner at 7 up, so when I say hash, and marokko, you know this is good stuff. The rates of weeds are 6 and 12 for one and two gram bags. However if you ask for the maximum amount of weed you can get a 5.0 gram bag here for 24.00 euros. The hash here is awesome and the normal hash comes in foil, so you can just say 6 foil or 12 foil, or if you want the killer, the super is 9,00 euros a gram, but if you say saw this on the internet, then you can have it for 8.00 a gram, this is a must taste hash, has to best I have ever tasted ever. Full range of drinks, games, snacks, and pool table and a very nice upstairs sitting area, this shop holds 50 people, is on a corner street off the Binnenweg, not to hard to find, and well worth the extra effort. This would be a top 5 coffee shop on the Rotterdam Smoke Tours list.