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Splif II

coffeeshop Purmerend
Reviews of Splif II Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Another old school shop set up as a pub including comfy stools. All in all about twenty-five seats. Compared to their other shop in Beverwijk (corporate design, so unoriginal!) not as comfy but still nice enough for a stay, also because at the other coffeeshop in town you can't sit but only buy and fly. Sadly this shop carries the same lame wares as in Beverwijk so in fact not a reason at all to enter here but again could be worse in such a suburb which is Purmerend; though town itself isn't too bad considering area and general feel of this small town.
Negative Review R from USA sent 2 Aug 2007
I thought these guys were cool but then they ripped me off. I requested a bag of sum of the dankest shit they had. The lady handed me the bag and I left. Upon further inspection, I noticed that half of the bag were dank buds, the other half was shitty, leafy crumbs. The buds were not the same at all, it was obvious that the bag had been mixed. I decided right then and there to never go back. Fuck it.
Positive Review R from USA sent 20 Jun 2007
I purchased a "Black Heavy" and it was exactly like it sounds: heavy. The decor was cool but the staff seemed stressed, I didn't really feel welcome. Good place to stop and go, maybe not so much of a hangout.
Positive Review Adrian from Netherlands sent 25 Feb 2004
I've been to coffeeshop Splif and I fount it excellent. I live in the same town and it is magic! The people are friendly and the atmosphere is great. The weed and hash is of the best quality. What more could you ask for?