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coffeeshop Arnhem
coffee shop Upstairs, Arnhem, Gelderland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, email address, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Reviews of Upstairs Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass. Sent 26 Mar 2018.
Big menu with about ten offers each hash- and wietwise. There are classics and newer strains to be had both ways. One of the best in Arnhem in my humble opinion. They weigh up for you but they do that in a separate room behind the bar where their gear is stored so you have to trust them. Usually it's not a problem to see the wares before buying but is somewhat annoying for both sides I would say. In my experience they are trustworthy and polite people but can imagine if it is busy this is perhaps changing so again definitely an annoying point as said. Think this could be handled better! There is a small separated area for smoking behind glass which is nice enough and providing about twenty seats. They also have glass bongs to use there.
Positive Review AJ from UK. Visited Aug 11. Sent 11 Jan 2012.
Weed bit more than other shops, maybe this why it was always overcrowded, it must be the locals hangout, but still friendly people, very steep stairs though hence coffeeshop upstairs.
Neutral Review Xochipilli from Netherlands. Sent 12 Sep 2010.
I'll be short: good quality, but very high prices. Usually very crowded, so it's hard to find a good spot to smoke.
Negative Review Anon. from Austria. Sent 29 Sep 2009.
Sells gritweed! I have been there and they sell their "white widow mix" or "wiet mix" with the substance brix. My throat hurt so much.
Positive Review Sancho from Germany. Sent 18 Feb 2008.
First shop I've ever been. Some years ago but I remember the good atmosphere. Easy to find 'cause it's in the heart of the city.
Positive Review Ilker from Netherlands. Sent 3 Nov 2007.
I've been to Upstairs today again and well it was good as usual. I recommend you try the Up Special or the N.Y Diesel. Nice tight coffeeshop with good staff.
Neutral Review Masterharry, the shop's owner. Sent 9 Mar 2007.
We now have customercards where you can save Spacemiles! Every euro you spend on weed or hash you get one point, so if you want 10 euro Hellraiser you get 10 points! When you reach 100 points you can spend 5 euro's for weed or hash and you can save you're points as long as you want, up to 5 free grams.
Neutral Review Masterharry, the shop's owner. Sent 21 Nov 2006.
Upstairs has moved across the street in this new great mallcenter. Everything is new and very very nice. You have to check this out. And not to forget, the herbs are better than ever!
Neutral Review Masterharry, the shop's owner. Sent 11 Sep 2006.
This coffeeshop exist for over 14 years and has proven itself as one who has always nice quality in hash and weed. It's never dull and you can always have a nice chat with customers that come there. There are different games to play like: photo play, chess, backgammon and of course a soccertable. So when you are in Arnhem you must have tried this shop and you will not be disappointed!
Positive Review Erik from Netherlands. Sent 25 Aug 2006.
This shop is not called the Downstairs! The Isolator is very expensive (20 euro per gram) but very very good.
Positive Review Martyman from Netherlands. Sent 5 Aug 2006.
Fine staff, fine herbs and hash and relaxing atmosphere. Upstairs rules. It's the best in town!
Positive Review Nederpiet from Netherlands. Sent 27 Sep 2004.
Upstairs has moved (down) to the opposite side of the street and is hence called now: Downstairs.
Positive Review John from USA. Sent 20 Oct 2001.
I highly recommend it. The staff are friendly, the hash is great (Royal Dutch), and the whole place has a very relaxed feel to it that is missing in a lot of the bigger shops in Amsterdam.