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Bamboe Beach Club Vlouw

coffeeshop Delft
Reviews of Bamboe Beach Club Vlouw Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 21 Aug 2019
Sampled some Casey Jones flower. Smell had a nice Diesel in it & surface look was fine. Mild smoke. Bank counter with security glass setup. Dirty bud containers. Scale process was OK. Flower looked OK under a microscope; could be cleaner. Coffee was excellent. Vibes were friendly & relaxed. Music was barely noticeable.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 25 Jul 2009
Big and roomy with a gate buzz in thing. Located on Vlouw a couple blocks off the Market Square. Friendly personnel, a large "smoking room" with pool table, as well as a large front area to sit in. Fairly standard menu - NLX, "Bubbles", California but they do roll a top quality hash joint. Music and atmosphere on the mellow side, Tears for Fears & Brian Ferry were heard here. This shop is probably the best for a tourist to check out as it was never full and service was prompt and courteous. Note - there are some coffeeshop maps that list this place as Cafe de Vlouw. Not. There is a cafe de Vlouw close to the canal but it is a bar. Look further down and across the street.
Positive Review Joe Momma from USA (living in Delft) sent 22 Sep 2003
One of my favorites [with de Boeddha]. [Like de Boeddha] it looks nice inside with decorations and fun stuff to look at when your baked. Friendly staff and games to keep you occupied (like foozeball and pool). Plenty of room to move around. De Vlouw also sells small pipes and bongs.
Positive Review Skyterix from Netherlands sent 19 Aug 2003
De Vlouw is a great place to go for a smoke if you're with a large group of people. They have 2 pool tables, pinball machines and plenty of space for everyone to sit. With a moderate selection of grass and hash, you won't have any moments of indecision, but whatever you decide on is generally quite good. The staff is friendly and helpful, and are happy to make recommendations. For those for whom discretion is important, De Vlouw is well situated in the heart of town but on a less-travelled side street, giving a fair degree of privacy.