Zero Zero

coffeeshop in Arnhem
Reviews of Zero Zero Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass sent 26 Mar 2018
More or less bright place with indeed a community table which I like as others pointed out before. Here they have a nice selection of mostly classic strains, all pre-packed. You either buy for 5€ or 10€ if memory serves me right. Free tea and bit of a locals place which can be hit and miss in my experience. Recommended for a look at the menu at least.
Positive Review Xochipilli from Netherlands sent 12 Sep 2010
Nice social place, putting in the big common table was a great idea, putting bowls with candy, a stroke of genius :). About the quality of the merchandise: as long as you ignore the lower end of the price-scale, you're ok (especially with the "Stuff van de Keizer"-hash).
Positive Review DauMan from Austria sent 23 Jul 2010
I read so many good reviews about this shop here that I absolutely wanted to try this shop. But I'm getting disappointed, it's a bit grubby and the staff is a little bit distant and not that friendly how it was reviewed! Anyhow I bought 2 sorts of weed but they weren't very special and full of branches. And most of the weed was out of order! The only positive thing I remember about this shop, there are big plates with candy standing on every table!
Positive Review Contendor from Germany sent 13 Sep 2009
They still got the best weed around all Arnhem. The service is great and tea and coffee still free.
Neutral Review Sancho from Germany sent 18 Feb 2008
First time I went there I was quite impressed. Last time (two weeks ago) this was gone. I buy some hot chocolate and I must say I can get the same in Germany on the street if I want. Nothing special to me. Next time I buy more of these Hassan`s Gold. Or I try the shop a few meters away (De Pinguin) and there is no ghetto-style area around. Which way of living do you prefer? Not everybody can be a millionaire.
Neutral Review Billy from USA sent 5 Aug 2007
Very "old school" kind of shop that generally has some good smoke (hot chocolate hash being my favorite). However, they only sell prepackaged bags. I don't like that at all (other shops in the neighborhood are somehow able to weigh out my order while I watch), but what is worse is that I have recently been charged more than the price posted next to the prepackaged bags. I wasn't in the mood to debate it (and as I say, I do like the product). Maybe this was a "foreigner surcharge" or perhaps they really can't be arsed to update the posted prices. In any case, buyer beware.
Positive Review Dayna from USA sent 25 Mar 2005
I thoroughly enjoyed this coffeeshop and actually was my favorite out of all that I visited in the Netherlands. The reason for this is that, I'm assuming the owner, was such a down home cool guy. He would bring out plates of sandwiches, pastries, always had tea/coffee overall very accommodating! I enjoy the huge wooden table that everyone sits around no matter what the language we all communicated on some level. The prices were very reasonable especially compared to Amsterdam! I can't express enough the joy I had at this establishment. I hope this encourages more people to visit.
Positive Review Richard from England sent 29 Nov 2003
I reckon Zero Zero in Arnhem is best.