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Greenhouse Tolstraat

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Reviews of Greenhouse Tolstraat Number of Positive Reviews 19 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany sent 19 Aug 2019
Sample: GSC for 14 €. Interior decoration has seen better days. Budtender was a nightmare. Flower was somewhat-clean under a microscope. Overpriced.
Positive Review DL from UK sent 30 Oct 2010
Super Lemon Haze was unreal and the NYC Diesel was awesome too. Great coffee shop!
Positive Review Courtjester from USA visited 16 Dec 07; sent 7 Mar 2008
We bought a nice bud of debilitating Mako Haze (2.31g/E25.20), and the shop is exceptionally comfortable and properly recommended, just take the No. 4 tram to Lutmastraat, and you'll see it just west of the stop. More important, if you're a Mexican food lover, do yourself a favor and don't miss The Taco Shop, about three blocks away - keep walking west, to Tolstraat and Amsteldijk, and the small shop, with about four chairs, is right on the corner. All fresh ingredients, no MSG, no lard in the refried beans. The first time, we went for Greenhouse Tolstraat's bud and a little lunch. The second time, we skipped the bud and went straight for the food!
Positive Review Daniel from Germany sent 19 Feb 2007
The shop is great and beautiful. There is a wooden structure with leather sofas. Many couches to chill. Everybody should have been there to chill and enjoy the shop, but it's not worth to spend too much money there. The shop has interesting photos on the wall.
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
The shop is a bit outside. By tram it takes around 15 minutes from central station to get there. It's a great shop with a very comfortable interior- there were many couches to chill on! The weed was quite good (1g Arjans Haze/ 10,50€). The Dark Pollm (7,30€/g) was ok, but too expensive. The dealer was very friendly, we were there at around 1pm. Only a few people were in the shop and the dealer had some time to talk with us. Everybody should have been there to chill and enjoy the shop, but it's not worth to spend too much money there.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
I have been to this place several times, but never wrote about it until now. I really enjoy this coffeeshop, great weed, nice interior, very elaborately decorated, lots of spaces to sit and chill, couches, chairs w/ tables, booths at different levels, mirrors, sun lights, good music, pictures of celebrities that have been there, hanging lamps and other lighting effects, overall a great ambiance. The weed counter is up front when you walk in the front door, and to get to the back lounge area you pass through a turnstile. The service was great. They were out of "Arjan's Haze" which was a disappointment, so I asked for what they recommended. The nice guy asked if, "I wanted to get high, or stoned?" I told him stoned and he set me up with the K2 and the PP1, both at 6.50 euro a gram. These were both very potent and tasty, I liked the K2 the best. They also have a full service bar if you desire a cocktail with your smoke, or for your non-smoking friends. Great place to hang, easy to get to by the trams, certainly one you don't want to miss.
Positive Review Dan from England sent 19 Sep 2005
This place is the coolest coffeeshop in town! It is quite a trek, way down in the south (get Tram 4), but well worth the effort. The decor and seating is well thought out giving a large open airy shop that also feels quite private, with raised booths and loads of sofas. Very chilled atmosphere. When we were there they even did a table service for drinks (not sure if that is just because it was quiet at the time though)! As for the weed, in my opinion the best in Amsterdam, check out the awards if you don't believe me! I recommend Jack Herer, very strong but a mellow high. Fantastic!
Positive Review Yank from USA sent 9 Jul 2005
Nice little shop, Kali Myst.
Positive Review Jon and Lori from USA visited 6-13 Mar; sent 27 Mar 2005
Unfortunately, we only got to this place once, it was a little out of the way. This place was by far the largest we had visited (and we went to alot!) with the best ambience. Large couches with cushions and comfy. This place seems to be one of the places celebrities hang out at when in A'Dam, lots of pics on the wall and per bartender. We hung out here for about two hours or so smoking with one of the bartenders and a local man, she was very cool! We smoked Kalimist which was very good, we shared a joint of the Sheeba with the bartender which was just ok (maybe because of the tobacco she rolled into it), and also had some Bubblegum which was good. Worth going to visit and getting out of the touristy center, just take tram 4 to Lutmastraat and walk the direction opposite the tram to Tolstraat.
Positive Review Jake from Ireland sent 9 Feb 2005
An out of the way location, but one of the best in Amsterdam. Friendly staff and dealer, great drinks and weed to knock your socks off. I can especially recommend the AK-47 or Arjan's Haze #1, lasted for ages and left me and my girl feeling very stoned.
Positive Review Jack from England sent 5 Jan 2005
From my experiences with other shops this has to be the best I've been to. Luckily my hotel wasn't too far away so my mate Ben and I walked it, and it was well worth it. The staff were really friendly, made amazing freshly squeezed orange juices which treated the ol' dry mouth nicely and had some quality Bubblegum weed. The atmosphere is very relaxing, has a nice array of music, great couches and reasonable prices. Definitely a place to get a photo or two in. Beats the hussle and bussle of Red Light coffeeshops.
Positive Review Jul-Kev-Stev from France visited 22-26 Nov; sent 1 Dec 2004
On the paper the best coffeeshop in all of Amsterdam when you see the list of the Cup they win! The decor, menu & service are perfect. They sell alcohol. The menu choices is really expensive! We try Super Silver Haze 10€, Silver Pearl 6€, Arjan Haze 10€ & NLX 8€, all weed are good but not the best off all we smoke during the cup. The shop is far from the centre, location in de Pijp quarter, perfect to go if you have bicycle. Enjoy the comforts of this place and the beautiful girl who serving drinks. We try Greenhouse during the day, and it so quiet.
Positive Review Tom from England sent 19 Oct 2004
This is a mission out of the centre (rent some bikes) but well worth it the weed is spectacular and the place is really nicely done out.
Positive Review Craig from UK sent 26 Aug 2004
Well worth checking out. This feels like more of a local bar for Dutch residents in the area and is obviously highly regarded. A lot of locals seemed to come purely to buy weed and those who stayed to drink seemed to live in the area. I tried the Super Silver Haze which is very strong but very nice. Recommended. Worth jumping on the number 4 tram if you have some spare time.
Positive Review Nichole from USA sent 18 Jun 2004
By far the best I have been to. The pillows everywhere and the atmosphere made it very relaxing and made you not want to leave. The prices were fair for the excellent quality marijuana you can get there. I felt like I was glued to the chair after hanging out there :) It is great!
Positive Review Seppe from UK sent 23 Jul 2003
Undoubtably the best coffeeshop in all of Amsterdam. The atmosphere, music, decor, furnishings, menu are all perfect. Some menu choices can be a little expensive but all are worth the cost. King Hassan Extreme hash is a great smoke others to try are K2, Jack Herer, Kalimist I assure you non will disappoint. The shop is 15-20 mins from the centre of Amsterdam (Take Tram 4 to Lutmastraat) so I would recommend spending some time to enjoy the comforts which just aren't available anywhere else. Be careful of arriving in large groups, this is typically a members coffeeshop so rowdy tourists are not appreciated and are far from welcome. Best to try during the day when it is quiet.
Positive Review Jeremy from USA sent 15 Jul 2003
Evidently all Greenhouse shops are not connected as in a chain but I do believe this one enjoys the same ownership and pride of Greenhouse Centrum. This shop is fairly narrow yet long with a very strange entrance. It's almost like passing through a night club bouncer check point if nothing else. Kind of gives you a strange uneasy feeling as you ARE entering a coffee shop.
Once inside you can forget about the past minute or so. There is a full service bar with wait staff that actually provides decent service. Tables, chairs, rugs and pillows adorn the entire shop. There is a clean modern restroom near the front as you arrive/depart. I never actually purchased anything here as the menu was the same as down in the Centrum and I was there during the fore-mentioned Cup, so bong hits (or should I say vapor hits) were free for all.
Positive Review Ari from USA visited May 03; sent 8 Jun 2003
Still the standard by which all coffee shops are Judged; the Michael Jordan of coffee shops. A very friendly staff welcomes tourists as they mix with the mostly Dutch patrons. Roomy, nicely decorated with comfortable couches and table seating. A large variety of the very best weed and a full bar are available. A little out of the way but more than worth your trip, its not far from the Heineken Brewery.
Positive Review Chris from USA sent 20 Nov 2002
I recommend Greenhouse Tolstraat the most because it's off the beaten path and proves that locals go out of their way for the best... So did I.
It has the best atmosphere by far, the best pot, and the most friendly staff in Amsterdam. It was also one of the few that served alcohol with their fine selection of pot.
Positive Review Dank from USA
This place had the best atmosphere of all the places I visited. I didn't get a chance to sample their smoke, though. I'll be back.