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New Comments 15/7/2020 - 15/7/2021
Anon. has written about Groenewoud, Leiden.
Anon. has written about Eastwood, Amsterdam.
Anon. has written about Cool, Eindhoven.
Anon. from Netherlands has written about Asilah, Dordrecht.
Anon. has written about Kinky Corner, Bergen op Zoom.
Fat-Matt has written about Two Twenty Two, Amsterdam.
Jesscass has written about Bilbao, Rotterdam; Out of Time's Puck, Rotterdam; Ras-Elma, Rotterdam; Skunk, Roermond; Sky, Roermond; Space, Rotterdam; New York, Rotterdam; Kings-Town, Rotterdam; Sultan, Rotterdam; Space Ball, The Hague; De Grasspriet, Rotterdam; Happy Days, Hoensbroek; Inpetto, Rotterdam; Moonlight, The Hague; Boere Schuurtje, The Hague; Countdown, Rotterdam; Maashaven, Rotterdam; Charlois, Rotterdam; Caza, Tilburg; Het Binnenhof, Zwolle.
Jim From Surrey from UK has written about The Other Place, Amsterdam.
Magda from Scotland (Amsterdam resident) has written about Katsu, Amsterdam.
Mike from Switzerland has written about Speak Easy, Arnhem.
Paul from Netherlands has written about Casa, Zoetermeer.